The friends and family of 90-day fiancé Rebecca Parrott have been suspicious of Zied Hakimi’s intentions since the 90 days.

It’s been barely a few days since Zied Hakimi started his 90 days fiance Trip in Georgia. So far, however, he has only heard of rudeness from Rebecca Parrott’s family and friends. With the intention of marrying his older American lover within 90 days, Zied left his own people in Tunisia. The fan favorite, grappling with the lack of manners of Rebecca’s acquaintances, frustrates fans. But what did Rebecca’s fourth husband do wrong?

To be honest, nothing. Fans first met the strange couple of Zied and Rebecca in the third season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days. Back then, Rebecca was working as a private investigator and had a new breakup before coming across Tunis, Tunisia’s zied, on Facebook. Oddly enough, Rebecca first connected with Zied because of his FB location showing Lafayette, Louisiana instead of Lafayette, Tunisia. With her many filters, Queen Rebecca made Zied love her “so much” that he had her face printed on his tight T-shirt when he met her at the airport. In Tunisia, 27-year-old Zied fought his family and defended 50-year-old Rebecca, her three previous marriages and her love. The couple got engaged, despite Rebecca’s ongoing divorce, her past bisexuality, and her obvious cultural clashes. But even when Rebecca flew to Tunisia to meet Zied, her three grown children and best friend / former boss Melanie remained skeptical of his intentions. In the eighth season of the 90-day fiancé, in which Rebecca and Zied will tie the knot, Melanie, Tiffany and Micah’s resentment against Mr. Hakimi is expected to have increased tenfold.

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Tiffany and Micah were angry at Rebecca’s decision to fly to Tunisia for Zied, whom they didn’t know at all and whom she met on the phone. Micah was concerned that Zied had no job at home and was cheating on Rebecca to get to America. “What does he do when he hangs up the phone?” Micah asked his TLC star mother-in-law in 2019. Brandon, Rebecca’s son, repeated the same distrust of Zied when he refused to answer his mother’s calls as she boarded her flight. What worried Rebecca was Zied, who reminded her of her controlling third husband, who hated her tattoos. Apparently, Zied, who didn’t have air conditioning in his home, also made Rebecca believe he might be looking for a reason to come to America and have a better life.

Rebecca and Zied In 90 Day Fiance

In addition, while checking 90-day fiancé star Zied, Melanie went “all the way back to the beginning” to find that he had no criminal history and was “never married.” However, Rebecca’s BFF revealed that his past “had no job listed”. In fact, Zied’s job information was “completely blank, as if he had never worked in his life.” Even then, Melanie said to Rebecca, “I just hope he doesn’t plan to come here and live on you,” which she repeated in the last episode of the eighth season of 90 Day Fiancé.

Because of Zied’s sketchy past, Rebecca’s family and friends seem fair about making assumptions about his intentions, but Zied’s family wasn’t “100% convinced” either when they met Rebecca. Finally, Rebecca kept the great secret of her impending divorce and relationship with a woman a secret too. Perhaps it is the couple’s usual habit of keeping secrets from each other that manages to keep Rebecca and Zied together.

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