WA jail guard extradited to Georgia in case of pagan biker beating

It almost reads like a Hollywood movie, a prison guard capable of shocking brutality.

Spaulding County, Georgia Sheriff officers with the help of the US Marshals Air Service and SWAT team members sent two men back to Georgia from WA state October 6 after a brutal beating investigation brought them here.

Dustin Wendelin, who is a prison attendant at the Washington State Pen in Walla Walla, and the pagan 1% biker gang leader Charles Montgomery were both arrested on September 9th. Wendelin in jail and Montgomery in his Umatilla County home.

The arrests stem from a violent attack on a bar in Spaulding County, GA, on May 1, where the two suspects entered the facility, began fighting with two other men who were singing karaoke, and one of the victims was severely beaten. The man had a fractured skull and blood in the brain.

It turned cold after an extensive investigation, but officials believed the two suspects could not be identified because they were from outside the area. Georgia and Washington officials say the Pagans 1% Outlaw Motorcycle Gang is known to perpetrate “acts of violence” including bombings, shootings, murders, and other “criminal” activities.

While witnesses were unable to identify the men, they were able to provide details about their clothing that led officers to believe they were part of the nationwide pagan gang. This gradually led to their being identified and eventually arrested.

The two are charged with aggravated assault, aggravated assault, and three violations of Georgia’s Criminal Street Gang Act. Both are now being detained in Spaulding County Jail, without obligation.

Officials said the two believed they were not being persecuted across the county, but they were.

It is alarming to many that a person holding a position in the Washington State Penal System as a prison guard has emerged as the alleged leader of this dangerous motorcycle gang.

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