U.S. Senator for Georgia Jon Ossoff

Born and raised in Georgia, Senator Jon Ossoff is our Senior United States Senator.

Since his election, Senator Ossoff has built bipartisanship in the Senate to deliver meaningful legislative outcomes for Georgia – even in a divided Congress. In his first two years in office, Senator Ossoff passed more stand-alone bills than any other freshman senator.

Senator Ossoff’s legislative achievements include legislation to strengthen mental health services and public safety; combating the opioid epidemic; to investigate unsolved lynchings and civil rights killings; strengthen mental health care for veterans; and to combat corruption and improve security in U.S. prisons.

Senator Ossoff led bipartisan investigations that exposed the mistreatment of military families living in privatized housing; corruption in federal prisons; the sexual assault of female inmates; and the medical abuse of women in federal custody.

Senator Ossoff has modernized and strengthened healthcare facilities across Georgia, helped pass legislation that capped insulin costs for seniors at $35 per month, and passed bipartisan legislation to protect our children from online exploitation.

Senator Ossoff has worked tirelessly for Georgia’s economic development, enacting legislation that has attracted thousands of advanced manufacturing jobs and billions of dollars in investment to Georgia.

Through the historic bipartisan infrastructure bill, Senator Ossoff delivers an unprecedented expansion of broadband Internet access; Statewide modernization of ports, airports, roads, bridges and water infrastructure; and investing in coastal resilience in Georgia to help local communities prepare for storm surges, coastal flooding and tropical storms.

Focused on improving the lives of Georgia’s veterans, service members and military families, Senator Ossoff has passed bipartisan legislation to expand veterans’ access to mental health care and improve child development centers for military families and barracks for enlisted personnel. He also advocated for the passage of historic legislation to strengthen VA health care for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Under the leadership of Congressman John Lewis, a civil rights legend, Senator Ossoff previously ran a small business that produced investigative journalism that exposed war crimes, public corruption, human trafficking and organized crime.

Senator Ossoff lives with his wife, Dr. Alisha Kramer and his daughter Eva Beth in Atlanta.