Trump's renewed attacks on election workers in Georgia could backfire, a legal analyst says

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Former President Donald Trump's renewed attacks on a Georgia election worker could land him in even more legal trouble, according to an expert.

Mr Trump has used his social media platform Truth Social to fuel conspiracy theories against Georgia official Ruby Freeman – who has been the subject of repeated attacks from the former president since the 2020 election.

In his recent posts, Mr. Trump made several accusations and claimed that there were “inconsistencies” in her testimony to the House special committee investigating the Capitol insurrection.

While Mr. Trump has repeatedly attacked Ms. Freeman and her daughter Shaye Mose — two Black women — in the past, his posts this time could have more serious consequences, said MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin.

Ms. Rubin wrote on Twitter that Mr. Trump could be sued by Ms. Freeman for defamation because he no longer has presidential immunity. Ms. Freeman has already filed lawsuits against several conservatives.

“The last time Trump took action against Freeman, he was still president. And that's why if she had sued him for defamation, he could have put forward the same defense – as POTUS, I am immune from damages suits! – he complied with Carroll's initial demands. Whether this defense fails is still being negotiated,” Ms. Rubin wrote in a Twitter thread.

“But Trump is not president now. And Freeman has already sued others for defamation,” she added.

“Your lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani is ongoing; She settled with OANN last April. I would like to know what their lawyers think about Trump’s latest comments and whether they will file a new lawsuit.”

Ms. Rubin also later shared a statement from Ms. Freeman's attorney, Van Dubose.

“No one, not even a former president, has the right to intentionally spread harmful, defamatory lies about fellow citizens,” Mr. Dubose said, according to the tweet.

“The lies about Ms. Freeman and Ms. Moss have been proven false time and time again, but they have nonetheless upended my clients’ lives and continue to jeopardize their safety.”

Mr. Trump's latest attack came around midnight on January 2, when the former president sent out a message on Truth Social claiming there were “contradictions” in Ms. Freeman's statement, and video footage of the women at the Doing their job published and claimed that they had committed election crimes.

“Wow! Did anyone see Ruby Freeman's 'contradictions' in her deposition?” He wrote. “This is 'BIG STUFF.' Look what was captured by Cobb County Police body cameras on January 4, 2021. … Now things are getting really bad.”

Mr. Trump then published a second and third post on the platform claiming that the 2020 election was “ALL A FRAUD” and accusing Ms. Freeman of election crimes.

“What will the Great State of Georgia do with the Ruby Freeman MESS?” he asked in the third post, claiming he was fighting “the evils and treachery of the monsters of the radical left who want to see America die.”