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Trump said they would be arrested in Georgia on Thursday over the election case

Trump said they would be arrested in Georgia on Thursday over the election case

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  • Author, By Max Matza
  • Role, BBC News
  • August 22, 2023

Donald Trump said he plans to go to court on Thursday to accuse the state of Georgia of election interference.

An Atlanta judge overseeing the former president’s case set bail at $200,000 (£157,000).

The agreement states that Mr. Trump can remain free until trial as long as he has not attempted to threaten or intimidate witnesses.

Mr. Trump denied 13 allegations, including extortion and making false statements.

Myself and 18 Oda Pipo Wey Chop are charged with this case and do not have time to appear at the Fulton County Jail for processing until Friday afternoon.

The county sheriff said there would be no special treatment for them because they would be treated like any other defendant.

I mean, let’s say they’re fit, fingerprint Mr. Trump and take a mug shot of me too.

Before he announced on social media Thursday that he would surrender, a court filing containing the terms of his bond agreement was released.

“The defendant is prohibited from carrying out any act intended to intimidate any person, to make him a co-defendant or witness in this case, or to otherwise obstruct the administration of justice,” E explained.

“The above includes, but is not limited to, posts on social media or reposts of posts that other people publish on social media,” Di Order added.

It was signed by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who is handling the case, and Mr. Trump’s lawyers.

Later on Monday, Mr. Trump posted to the social media platform Truth Social: “Do you think that’s you?

“She’s campaigning and still going on and raising money for the witch hunt,” he added. “Dis na in strict coordination with Joe Biden’s corrupt Justice Department [Department of Justice].”

Ms. Willis is not asking the judge to schedule charges against a former defendant on Sept. 5 while the defendant enters a plea to whether he will plead guilty or not guilty.

She has also suggested the trial should begin in March. Both the prosecution and the trial can be televised.

When Mr. Trump appears, they will cordon off the area and already have a barricade set up in front of the courthouse.

Democrats last week accused Mr. Trump, along with his co-defendants, of trying to weaken the will of the Georgia electorate by interfering in the state’s election results after losing to Democrat Joe Biden in 2020.

They’re hearing from the former president about a phone call in which they pressure Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, to “find 11,780 votes” when counting ballots.

Trump is the first former or sitting US president ever to be impeached and he faces three criminal charges.

Mr. Trump always denies any wrongdoing, and I describe the charges as politically motivated.

I am currently leading the Republican race to select the next candidate for the White House to challenge the Democratic nominee, likely Mr. Biden, for the 2024 presidential election.

Mr. Trump has already said that I will avoid the first Republican televised debate on Wednesday night.

“The public knows who I am and what a successful presidency I will have,” Trump said on Truth Social on Sunday. “I’m not going to participate in the debates.”

Sources close to Mr. Trump say I will not record an interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson instead.

State primaries, in which Republican voters will choose the Dia Party candidate, begin on January 15, 2024.