Trump attorneys are calling the Georgia special grand jury trial “clown-like” after the foreman’s remarks.

Attorneys for former President Trump have called Georgia’s special grand jury investigation into the 2020 election “clownish” after the jury chair made comments to multiple media outlets.

Speaking to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Wednesday, Trump’s defense attorneys Drew Findling and Jennifer Little said they may file court motions in response to recent public statements by foreman Emily Kohrs.

The attorneys said the foreman’s comments to the media indicated the grand jury’s actions were unprofessional.

“This kind of carnival-like, clown-like atmosphere that has been portrayed over the course of the last 36 hours compromises complete sanctity, integrity and, moreover, reliability,” Findling told the inquest’s Journal-Constitution.

Over the past week, Kohrs has been interviewed by multiple media outlets and provided limited insight into the special jury’s report, which was partially released last week. She said it was recommended that a number of people be charged, adding: “It’s not a short list.”

She didn’t want to name who the jury recommended.

Trump’s legal team argued that Kohrs’ comments indicated that the grand jury’s trial was unprofessionally conducted.

“You want people to have confidence not only in the system, but in the results of your investigations,” Little said. “How can anyone looking at what we have seen now have any confidence in the results of this investigation?”

In an interview with The New York Times, Findling said that Kohr’s comments about recommending multiple indictments “poisoned” the trial. He also criticized Kohrs for saying that the jury was discussing media coverage of the trial.

“You were allowed to read your newspaper, read the local newspaper, watch the news, use the internet for seven months and apparently even were able to take these sources of material to all four corners of the grand jury room?” Findling told the Times. “What kind of reliable body is that?”

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The newspaper noted that there was no indication that members of the special grand jury, which operates differently from federal juries, were barred from reviewing media coverage of the case.

Trump also attacked Kohrs on Truth Social for her “enlightening” insight into the grand jury’s recommendations.

“This Georgia case is ridiculous, a purely political sequel to the greatest witch hunt of all time. Now you have an extremely energetic young woman who is (get it!) the “forewoman” of the racist prosecutor’s special grand jury, walking around and doing a media tour that incredibly reveals the inner workings and thoughts of the grand jury ‘ Trump wrote.

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