The Venice Commission publishes opinions on draft laws to limit the influence of oligarchs in Georgia and Moldova

In two interim reports The Council of Europe’s constitutional expert body, the Venice Commission, has called for draft legislation to limit excessive economic and political influence on public life Georgian And Moldovan authorities to adopt systemic reforms, rather than targeting specific individuals to achieve β€œde-oligarchization.β€β€œ.

In both countries, the Venice Commission supported the goal of eliminating or at least reducing the influence of the oligarchs in political, economic and public life.

The Commission underlined that de-oligarching should be ensured through a systemic approach that has a preventive effect and targets a number of areas, such as:

These and other statements published after the plenary session are available here

Georgian draft law on de-oligarchization: Venice Commission supports aim to limit excessive influence of oligarchs and calls for systemic reforms

Moldovan draft law on de-oligarchisation: The Venice Commission welcomes the authorities’ constructive attitude and calls for systemic reforms