US Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs is seeking assistance from the Illinois State Police in international law enforcement, judicial sector reform, and crime-fighting efforts

SPRINGFIELD, IL-(Effingham Radio)-Over a six-month period, the Illinois State Police (ISP), at the request of the U.S. Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), deploys officers to the state of Georgia to conduct basic interviews, interrogations, traffic accident investigation, crime scene management, and criminal investigations Investigative training for Georgian police officers. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has increased training and resource needs for partner nations in the region, including Georgia. Close coordination of ISPs, including direct in-person training, will help build the vital skills and capacity needed by local armed forces.

“With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, our friends in Eastern Europe need our help,” Gov. JB Pritzker said. “Our state police are among the best in the nation – and their commitment to justice transcends borders, nations and hemispheres. I couldn’t be prouder of our Illinois State Police Officers, who have been deployed to Georgia to train Georgian law enforcement on best practices in preventing and responding to regional threats. To our continued partnership and a safer Caucasus region.”

Last year, ISP entered into an agreement with INL to create a cooperative framework in support of international law enforcement, judicial sector reform and crime-fighting efforts. As part of this framework, the ISP and INL are supporting a training project to complement and expand on basic interviewing and interrogation, traffic accident investigation, crime scene management and criminal investigation training in Georgia during four separate six-month missions. ISP trainers with expertise in these specialties will train approximately 60 participants over a two-week period for each of the four missions in Georgia. ISP officials from the first of four missions returned from Georgia in early July after a two-week deployment.

“As one of the nation’s leading law enforcement agencies, ISP is honored to be selected by the US Department of State for this project and will work to ensure justice not only at home in Illinois but also abroad,” said ISP- Director Brendan F. Kelly. “ISP’s mission for this training is to strengthen the capacity of law enforcement agencies in Georgia to respond to domestic, international and transnational threats faced by all democracies.”

This training will support the INL’s work in Georgia to improve the Ministry of Interior’s training academy and its recruitment and in-service training courses. In addition, it will help ensure that human rights are respected and fair and equal justice can be provided to all citizens. INL has been working with the Police Academy of Georgia for decades to improve its capacity and the capacity of Georgia’s law enforcement agencies.

According to the US Department of State, the US is celebrating 30 years of diplomatic relations, partnership and friendship with Georgia. Over the years, the US and Georgia have become strategic partners, working together towards a shared vision of Georgia fully integrated into the Euro-Atlantic family of peoples and part of a united, free and peaceful Europe. The US has provided nearly $6 billion in aid to Georgia, in addition to other forms of assistance, including more than 20,000 trained soldiers and more than 6,000 people deployed to the US on educational, cultural or professional exchanges became. According to a US State Department official, this is a vision that will require hard work, patience, and significant resources to achieve. The United States is privileged to support a remarkable number of successful initiatives with Georgian partners, including law enforcement agencies, determined to ensure that country realizes its full potential as a strong, independent democracy.

Along with overseas ISP instruction, two Georgian Police Academy instructors will attend an upcoming recruit training course at the Illinois State Police Academy to share best practices and help build the capacity of the Georgian Police Academy.

ISP’s Training Academy has received the prestigious Accreditation with Excellence Award from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies for 10 consecutive years. These awards make ISP a logical choice to support the State of Georgia’s efforts to improve its academy and the training of its law enforcement officers.

This program is funded by the US Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs.