The Trump Georgia RICO Case and the Expanding Ripple Effect

We are at a crucial point in the ongoing RICO trials in Georgia. Four defendants have pleaded guilty. Scott Hall, a bail bondsman, and Sidney Powell, a lawyer, were primarily involved in manipulating the voting machines. Kenneth Chesebro, also an attorney, played a key role in drafting memos calling for replacement electors to be appointed. Another Trump lawyer, Jenna Ellis, pleaded guilty on October 24.

Together, they represent integral parts of Donald Trump's efforts to prevent Joe Biden from becoming president.

The guilty pleas trigger far-reaching repercussions that go beyond the initial guilty pleas. As part of their pleas, these defendants agree to testify for the prosecution in the RICO trial and other trials. The dominoes have started to fall.

The gate is now open to demonstrate Trump's direct involvement in the numerous conspiracies. The pressure is increased on the other defendants to follow this example. It will also spotlight a lesser-known group of co-conspirators who have not yet been charged and who are being swept along by this current.

One of those people is Stefanie Lambert, a Michigan attorney described in the RICO indictment as unnamed, unindicted person #30. She may also be an unnamed and unindicted co-conspirator in the US Department of Justice (DOJ) lawsuit. Lambert assisted Powell in gaining access to voting machines, extracting software for analysis, and distributing election data. She has already been charged in Michigan for her role in tampering with voting machines, and her tampering efforts also extend to Fulton County in central Pennsylvania.

Another potential unnamed and unindicted co-conspirator is Bill Bachenberg, who lives near Allentown, Pennsylvania. He is said to be the financier behind the manipulations and allegedly provided Lambert with a $1 million letter of credit to finance the companies for the manipulations. This is a serious offense in the Georgia RICO case and could also be prosecuted by the DOJ.

It is therefore conceivable that Lambert and Bachenberg will be charged alongside Trump and the 15 other co-defendants in the Georgia case. But the revelation doesn't end there.

Thanks to whistleblower Mike Ryan, the DOJ has important information about Bachenberg's activities. Ryan began working for a nonprofit organization founded by Bachenberg in June 2020. On January 5, 2021, Bachenberg ordered Ryan not to be in Washington, DC on January 6. When the riots occurred, Ryan became suspicious and began paying more attention to his employer's activities and keeping copies of documents that might be of interest to law enforcement. That led to him talking to the FBI and DOJ.

There are several lesser-known lawsuits that could provide additional evidence to the ongoing Trump trials. XRVision, Ltd has filed a $10 million lawsuit against Lambert and Bachenberg, claiming they pressured the company to find nonexistent “cheat codes” in Dominion machines, defamation; and breach of contract. This case is still in the investigation phase.

We will meet Lambert again in various lawsuits involving Fulton County, Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Secretary of State and Dominion. She was hired by Fulton County to represent the county and its two Republican county commissioners. These lawsuits arose following the machine tampering in Fulton County. Tom Carroll, an attorney from Pottstown – 145 miles from Fulton County – is Lambert's co-counsel.

The current status of one of the lawsuits is that Fulton County and Carroll have been sanctioned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and ordered to pay attorney fees for the Secretary of State and Dominion.

Several companies have been implicated in the break-in of machines and the distribution of voting data. These companies and their employees could also become potential defendants as the litigation continues. Lambert and Bachenberg's fingerprints are all over the conspiracy now evident in the coordinated manipulation of voting machines in Arizona, Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Essentially, the ripple effect created by the guilty pleas in Georgia's RICO trial promises to draw more individuals and organizations into the legal quagmire.

The guilty pleas in Georgia will ultimately endanger Trump and other co-conspirators. Neither the DOJ case (scheduled for March 2024) nor the Georgia case are expected to go to trial in 2023. Of the six co-conspirators in the DOJ case, No. 6 is still unidentified. Of the lawyers' five co-conspirators, two have now pleaded guilty in Georgia and are available to testify against Trump and his co-defendants. Of the other three, Jeffrey Clark will likely plead guilty before the other two (Rudolph Giuliani and John Eastman).

Aside from the January 6 riots, the tampering with voting machines in the four battleground states is the most serious attack on our political system in American history. Prosecutors must now complete the investigation into the manipulations in the four states.

We will see which of these states begins charging Bachenberg and employees of the companies that manipulated and leaked the voting data. The evidence to be collected in the manipulation case has the potential to change our understanding of the events following the 2020 election.

David. H. Moskowitz is a retired Pennsylvania attorney and author of a new book, “The Judge and the President: Stealing the 2020 Election” (Huge Jam Publishing, September 8, 2023).