When seats are available in the Georgia federal and state courts, it can be difficult09 to keep up with all the details. Here is ours current reporting on these topics.

Hottest job in town: Dozens are applying for the coveted position at the Georgia Supreme Court

A newly published list shows the names of 35 applicants who want to fill the position.

Do not know? Good luck becoming a judge in Georgia

Most of the judges appointed by Georgia governors over the past decade have been white men.

Kemp appoints new judges and lawyers

Kemp hired four judges on the Cobb Judicial Circuit on Thursday – plus two posts for the attorney general previously occupied by a person in the southeastern part of the state.

Governor receives shortlists for Cobb benches

The commission interviewed 17 candidates last week to determine the finalists for the two seats.

So you want to be a judge? You need to know that

“I want the candidates to convince me that it doesn’t matter what their personal political beliefs are, because as a judge it shouldn’t matter,” said one court judge.

Candidates wanted to open the state Supreme Court

Nominations are due no later than Friday, March 16.

Interviews set for open seats at Cobb Superior, State Courts

The vacancies stem from a new judicial office in Cobb County Superior Court created by the General Assembly and the upcoming resignation of Judge David Darden from Cobb County State Court.

Fulton Court finalists tick many boxes while attorneys focus on temperament

The three candidates come from different political, legal, racial and gender backgrounds.

Sears takes over the leadership of the Federal Judicial Nominations Committee

“For too long this system has not adequately represented the great diversity of Georgia and America. I am honored to lead senators [Jon] Ossoff and [Raphael] Warnock’s commission to bring new, diverse and unique perspectives into the federal nomination process and to ensure that all votes are fairly represented across Georgia, ”said former Chairwoman Judge Leah Ward Sears.

JNC shortlisted Kemp for the judicial opening in Atlanta

Governor Brian Kemp now has three options to elect a replacement for former Fulton County Supreme Court Justice Shawn LaGrua, the newest member of the Georgia Supreme Court.

Richter leaves the bank for PI Firm

“I am a litigator at heart. I spent the first 17 years of my career in the courtroom, across the bank. ”Judge Christopher Edwards said. “I look forward to trying cases again.”

The Northern District of Georgia has two openings for Biden to Fill

“The court will have another full-time judge – if the president appoints someone and can approve them. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the court that I accept senior status after my tenure as chief, “said Thomas Thrash Jr., Chief Justice of the Northern District of Georgia.

Federal judge resigns, but goes into full swing with senior status

“We currently have the same number of judge positions as 79. It’s a completely different judiciary in terms of the volume of cases, the volume of business and the population,” said Judge Amy Totenberg. “The prospect of actually being able to add judges and having a lot of active senior judges is great.”

JNC trims Fulton judge candidates 19

Selected applicants include nine judges from Fulton County State Court, Fulton Magistrate Court, Juvenile Court, or Atlanta Municipal Court; eight lawyers in their own practice; a federal prosecutor and a member of the state commission for the public service.

28 Apply to be a Fulton Superior Judgeship

The list includes 11 candidates serving in one form or another of judicial office and a member of the state commission for the civil service.

GABWA complains about Melton’s successor: Letter

“It is noteworthy that since Justice Sears left the court in 2009, no black woman has reached the state’s highest court.”

Melton’s exit highlights demand diversity on the high court

Two white finalists on Kemp’s most recent high court shortlist say they are unlikely to apply for Melton’s spot, with one specifically pointing to Kemp’s commitment to diversity.

Chief Justice leaves Georgia Supreme Court

“I don’t know now what my next step will be. With this announcement, I can begin the search process in earnest, ”said Chief Justice Harold Melton.