The “Let me have him” Georgia Football 2022 NFL Draft first round

Devont’e Wyatt was once committed to South Carolina. Will Muschamp had him first.

He joined UGA and took a few months off from DawgNation before finally signing in February 2017. He needed a semester of junior college football before returning to Athens in January 2018.

Wyatt gave the Bulldogs quite a ride from there. Thinking of him now, there’s a sociable, over-the-top cheeky grin to color the picture. It fits the face of a talented 6-foot-3 and 317-pound prototype with 3 tech.

That over-the-top smile also frames the moment he scored that 4.77 at the NFL Combine in the 40. His speed talents and movement skills combine with his strength to create an impressive first-round prospect for next Thursday’s NFL Draft in Las Vegas.

Wyatt is one of three Georgia Bulldogs who will compete in this event. When he does, there will be that signature moment when he strolls across the stage to shake hands with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

When he does, think of this phrase: “Let me have him.”

Those words serve as a fitting timestamp for three very impressive parts of Devonte Wyatt’s story.

The first time those words mattered to him was at Towers High School.

dr Brian Montgomery, his football coach at the time, certainly made a difference in Wyatt’s future. The football program appeared to be on life support when Wyatt was there.

There wasn’t really a lined practice field and the hard-working assistant coaches did what they could.

Just seeing the grass clippings on their makeshift practice field would be a good day. It wasn’t on a specific practice day in August 2016.

There was basically a bucket of water on the side. It also wasn’t sure if Gatorade was in it.