The Georgia State Law class of 2021 was celebrated with personal hooded ceremonies

Georgia State College of Law is celebrating the Class of 2021 with personal hooded ceremonies. The personalized events were selected to ensure comfort and safety for everyone involved, while also recognizing the achievements of the graduates.

The ceremony allows the graduate to have several friends and family next to them while camouflaged with interim dean Leslie Wolf in the ceremonial courtroom of the College of Law.

“We understand that these last 15 months have been completely different from the graduates they expected when they entered the College of Law,” said interim dean Leslie Wolf. “These personal hooded ceremonies give us an opportunity to acknowledge all of the challenges they have overcome and to celebrate this remarkable achievement. The class of 2021 is absolutely superb. It is a privilege to share this meaningful opportunity with you and to welcome you as colleagues. “

This spring, the College of Law awarded 164 Juris Doctorates (JD) and six Masters of Laws (LL.M.). Muhammad Abdullah was selected as the speaker for the 2021 class. Graduates listen to his speech before entering the ceremonial courtroom.

“When we celebrate today’s performance, we must never forget the challenges we faced to get this far,” said Abdullah. “Let our past challenges be a constant reminder that there is no too heavy a burden, no too big an obstacle, and no too hard test because we have persevered and always will.”

The personal hooded ceremonies began on May 13th and ended on May 22nd. A link to view the personal hooded ceremonies can be found here.