The Georgia prosecutor is bringing the case against Trump to the grand jury

Fulton County District Attorney Fanie Willis (D) presents her case on former President Trump and efforts by its allies to present Georgia’s 2020 election results to a grand jury on Monday and Tuesday.

A jury vote on whether to bring charges against Trump and several others is expected this week.

On Monday, the process appeared to be accelerating.

Former Lieutenant Governor of Georgia Geoff Duncan (R) and independent journalist George Chidi were due to testify on Tuesday, but their appearance has reportedly been pushed back to today. Former country representative. Bee Nguyen (D) and former State Senator. Jen Jordan (D) testified earlier Monday.

Reuters reported that a document detailing the charges against Trump was posted on the court’s website Monday and then quickly deleted.


  • If charges are brought, it would be the fourth time Trump has been charged in five months.
  • This is one of two cases involving attempts to overturn the 2020 election results. The other is the federal case in which Trump was indicted two weeks ago.

“While the Georgia case addresses narrower issues than the Justice Department election interference case and focuses only on Trump’s behavior in the Peach State, in many ways it is a broader case,” The Hill said she reads, Rebecca Beitsch And Zach Schoenfeld reported. Learn more about the differences between the cases here.

Trump criticized Willis on Truth Social Monday, writing: “The people who tampered with it [the election] were the ones who tampered with it, and unfortunately the fake Fani Willis who shockingly turned Atlanta into one of the most dangerous cities in the world has no interest in seeing the vast body of evidence available or finding out who these people are who committed this crime.”

State votes were recounted twice, and the results were confirmed and reconfirmed by elected Republican officials. Various allegations of voter fraud in 2020 have been dismissed in court.

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