Emory Professor helps India

An Emory University professor tries to help health officials in India fight the coronavirus.

India’s second wave of COVID-19 continues to devastate the country’s health infrastructure.

Now an associate professor from Emory University steps in to save lives.

She is taking action to send medical supplies to hospitals in India.

The crisis that occurs hits Dr. So close to Monika Raj because her immediate family still lives here. She said that people are dying from a lack of available resources. “

“I’ve had these sleepless nights,” said Raj.

The professor told FOX 5 News that she has had many long and troubled nights recently when her father-in-law battled COVID-19 in her home country thousands of miles away.

“He’s around 75 years old. We were really worried about him,” she said.

Fortunately, he recovered.

But unfortunately so many others in India did not survive, including a close friend of hers.

“The situation is thousands of people are dying on the street waiting for oxygen,” she told reporter Brian Hill.

The country’s second wave with the coronavirus has resulted in a shortage of hospital beds, oxygen and other medical supplies.

Due to the limited supply available, Raj is fundraising and working with an organization in India to deliver oxygen concentrators and medication to three facilities.

“With this new strain, it damages the lungs really, really badly, and instantly. It’s really, really bad,” she explained.

Emory Professor helps India

An Emory University professor tries to help health professionals in India fight COVID-19.

Currently, Inia ranks second only to the United States in positive COVID-19 cases.

In confirmed cases, the country has passed the 25 million mark.

Raj has already shipped eight concentrators but says many more will be needed immediately.

“Is this the climax or will it continue to spread? This is my biggest concern because it hasn’t stopped.”

As a result of India’s second surge, the Biden government recently restricted entry from the country.

The new policy bans most non-US citizens from entering the United States.

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