ATLANTA – An Atlanta nonprofit is dedicated to protecting K-9 police officers by equipping them with equipment that will enable them to do their jobs safely while also raising awareness of the work that is being done four-legged members of local law enforcement agencies perform daily on the go.

The Georgia Police K-9 Foundation recently equipped K-9 Cairo, a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois who is part of the Atlanta Police Department, with a LOF Streetfighter vest. Cairo is the 98th K-9 officer the group has acquired and the third within the Atlanta Police Department to receive protective gear.

The vests provided by the K-9 Foundation are specially designed to be protective yet lightweight, which prevents K-9 officers from being burdened with heavier vests, according to representatives of the foundation. In Georgia, the light vests protect the K-9 officers from heat exhaustion or heat stroke as the heat index values ​​are sometimes over 100 degrees. The fabric in the vests keeps the dog’s body temperature regulated so he can work a full shift while remaining fully protected.

The vests are also bulletproof and protect the K-9 officer’s vital organs during the arrest of suspects, which can sometimes put K-9 officers in dangerous situations.

“The Georgia Police K-9 Foundation couldn’t be more excited to know that we’ve helped protect our K-9 officers from work-related injuries or, worse, death,” the group said in a press release in which the Device donation was announced.

K-9 Cairo is described as a dog who loves family time and meets people in Atlanta, but has the greatest satisfaction with his job as part of the Atlanta Police Department. Cairo loves his job, whether he’s taking narcotics off the street, finding or tracking items, the foundation officials said.

To date, the Georgia Police K-9 Foundation has 34 heat alarms, 30 Narkan kits, 15 first aid kits, and other training equipment for law enforcement in the area, in addition to the 98 vests it provided to K-9 officers provided.

The foundation recently donated K-9 officers Ringo and Chakron from the Atlanta Police Department West and continues to support four-legged officers who assist law enforcement in their work.