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COVINGTON, Ga. – A Georgia family expresses gratitude and gratitude for Covington Police Department and first responders who rescued their 15-month-old child who stopped responding due to a blocked airway.

The officers were sent home to Tovar around 7:30 p.m. on May 2 because a child had suffocated, Covington News reported.

When the responding units arrived at the residence, Officer Matt Holbrook immediately began kicking the unresponsive child. According to the news organization, his actions eventually dislodged the object stuck in the boy’s airway.

“This letter is a thank you to Officer Holbrook and Officers, EMTs, Gabriela Mobley and the entire township who saved my son’s life,” the Tovar family wrote, according to the Covington Police Department. “Each of the officers arrived very punctually and were all very professional, caring and helpful. The Tovar family cannot thank everyone enough for their help. If other cities in Georgia were as helpful and professional as Covington, the state of Georgia would be a much better and safer state. We love the work of all of you. You all do a wonderful job. Thank you very much and God bless you. “

Holbrook was also nominated for a department award for his lifesaving efforts, said spokesman Capt. Ken Malcom, the Covington News reported.

“Officer Matt Holbrook and other officers were quick to respond to the scene. When the officers arrived, the child stopped responding and his airway was blocked, ”Malcom said.

Holbrook grabbed the child and pushed him back, Malcom confirmed.

“This quick action helped remove the obstacle enough for the child to begin to react,” he said.

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