The Georgia grand jury that could indict Trump over the 2020 election is being selected

As Donald Trump seeks to delay his trial of confidential documents in Florida, more legal troubles may be brewing in neighboring Georgia.

There, a grand jury will be selected that could vote to indict the former president and others on charges related to interfering in the 2020 election, which would add another criminal trial to the 2024 list of Republican presidential candidates.

As for when such charges might be filed, we’re talking weeks, not just days or many months, if the timeline previously proposed by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is any indication.

Recall that in a letter to local law enforcement, the Atlanta-area DA gave a rough July 11-September 1 timeline when indictments could be filed. She also pointed out in particular that they could take place between 31 July and 18 August.

If the former president is indicted in Georgia, it would be his third criminal trial overall and his second state criminal trial alongside New York, where his hush money trial is scheduled for March. As Trump’s attempt to delay the trial of federal classified documents while he is running for president again reminds us, if a Republican takes over the White House and ensures that all federal charges against Trump disappear.

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Jan. 6 investigation, which overlaps with Willis’ investigation, could also soon lead to indictments that would total four indictments against Trump, with two cases at the state level and two at the federal level.

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And if you’re wondering in the haze of all the Trump investigations, wasn’t there already a grand jury in Georgia investigating Trump and others for election interference? Yes it was.

But this particular grand jury only examined and recommended the indictment — it couldn’t actually vote on the indictment. Therefore, on Tuesday, the new Grand Jurors will be selected for this purpose.

And with that, we are officially on the alert of Trump Georgia.