The Georgia Chamber of Commerce is distributing letters on the ground of the home asking for votes in favor of payments that seem to override present unlawful immigration legal guidelines

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce is distributing letters on the floor of the house asking for votes in favor of bills that appear to override existing illegal immigration laws

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Written and submitted by DA King

Professional licenses are a public benefit in Georgia. The Georgia Chamber of Commerce is aware of this fact as it has spoken out against the law that created it. I was there.

The People who run Georgia get tired of delays in verifying the legal immigration status of applicants for public benefits.

Georgia Law (OCGA 50-36-1) Introduced in 2006 and improved several times, according to which applicants for public services must swear to be either US citizens or eligible foreigners of a notary public statutory declaration. They should show “Secure and Verifiable ID”. Then this legal presence status should be in a federal database called SAVE (TO SAVE is not doing their job properly and we will disclose this fact after the session). However, the state law remains in place.

Professional licenses are public benefits. In contrast to the false labeling by numerous state and local departments that administer public services, it is not a “sworn declaration of citizenship”, but an affidavit for verification. You do not have to be a US citizen to be eligible for public benefits; you have to be a lawful foreigner.

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce requests members of the House of Representatives to vote yes on at least two bills, HB 34 and HB 268. While we haven’t had time to carefully review these bills, a brief assessment shows us that they are designed to ensure “reciprocity” with other states through professional licenses – and to skip the review process described above.

Are we going to rely on California or New York to check immigration?

For example, if a person licensed to be an occupational therapist in California or New York moves to Georgia, the plan is to eliminate much of the licensing process here so that person can get to work almost immediately – and bypass the Georgia immigration review law . We’d rely on liberal California, the world’s illegal alien capital, for most of our licensing process.

Those bills appear to be on the rules calendar today – which means they’ll likely see a vote. I have notified several members with the information emailed below and they tell me that they will now vote “no” – and that the authors are unaware of the law in force.

This problem is not new

We were here a few weeks ago under the Gold Dome with: “Libertarian urged Gold Dome ‘reciprocity law …”) would dismantle the screening process for illegal aliens who have access to professional licenses. ”

This is normal in the State Capitol. You may want to forward this to Your state representatives to let them know what you’ve learned here.


The following was emailed to several members this morning and to Kim in Spokesman David Ralston’s office:

“After a quick look: HB 34 does not have a language that requires compliance with OCGA 50-36-1 (verification of legal presence for the benefit of the general public). Professional licenses are public benefits. A yes vote is a vote to dismantle the existing law on illegal immigration – in a state with more illegals than AZ. The Senate will carefully take note of this fact. I promise it. A 30 second question, “Isn’t it true?” Should wake people up. I am assuming that this also applies to CofCommerce HB268. Description of reciprocity below.

Unless I missed it here quickly, they all need: “Nothing in this section of the Code is to be construed as invalidating, suspending, modifying, or allowing a license to be issued by the State of Georgia without that license review according to Code Section 50-36-1. ”

Updated – Libertarian urged Gold Dome “Reciprocity” bill (HB147) would decreaseThe Verification Process for Illegal Aliens Who Have Access to Professional Licenses * UPDATED WITH ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON THE IDENTICAL SENATE BILL (SB45)

Military spouse not automatically a legal immigrant. Wash Post History: a58d4a988474_story.html “End of my email.

– –

Below are two letters that are on the floor of house members’ desks today.

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce is distributing letters on the ground of the home asking for votes in favor of payments that seem to override present unlawful immigration legal guidelines

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