The Block 2021, episodes 35 and 36 recap: Georgia reveals Tanya’s and Vito’s soiled laundry ways, and Love Island twins uncover that Ronnie has a secret previous

Georgia investigates more rule violations at The Block – while Tanya, Vito and the twins continue to go into debt with their pool plans.

As predicted, the truce between Tanya and Vito and frequent sparring partners Ronnie and Georgia was short-lived.

Once again, the block veterans got angry because Tanya and Vito were playing with the rules quickly and easily. This time, the “Gucci gang” was caught by Kinsman a week after the deadline had expired while they had their linen closets installed (free of charge).

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Death in shock shakes The Block

Every other team was forced to set up their closets while they completed their common rooms to accommodate the change in schedule triggered by the fraud scandal – or, more simply, because of Tanya and Vito.

“So Keith and Dan told us that for living room and dining week, if you don’t finish your laundry room so that Kinsman can install the cabinets, you will have to pay for the installation the following week. So we hurried because we didn’t want to pay for this work, ”Georgia grumbled after watching the Kinsman crew sneaking out of Tanya’s and Vito’s apartment.

Ronnie was also upset and remarked, “This is not fair. I spent $ 3,000 getting my laundry ready, what for? To take away from my living and eating week.

“What’s the point of having rules for The Block? Spend what you want. Do what you want.”

Georgia wasted no time rallying the troops that often allies – Mitch, Mark, Kirsty, and Jesse – raised over what had gone down.

When foreman Keith received a debriefing from Georgia, he confronted Tanya and Vito and asked why they were doing their job for free, even though they were told it was not allowed.

Of course, Tanya was quick to share what she would no doubt call “her truth” about the situation.

She claimed to Keith that she had always planned to pay for the installation (although she was filmed enjoying herself doing it for free).

“You wouldn’t be so silly as to try to cheat again, would you?” Georgia asked incredulously.

“Imagine if I hadn’t stood at the end of Bronte Court and watched the plumbers come out? Would that have ever come to light?

“Scammers will cheat. What happened to the photo in weeks two and three? You want to give them the benefit of the doubt that they would pay for it, but that’s hard because that trust is broken. “

Ronnie added, “What really pissed me off is that we had to share our win with these guys, but we finished our wash and they didn’t. So they had all that extra time to focus on their winning room. ”It looks like there won’t be any more giggles about cheese platters anytime soon.

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Block team verbally abuses producers

Host Scott Cam later confirmed Ronnie’s complaints and asked if the couple would have won Living and Dining Week if they, like everyone else, had been forced to spend their time, money, and energy on laundry too.

Remarkably, Tanya seemed baffled by the idea that they’d had an advantage in focusing all of their money and time on their (first) profit space.

Scott had more bad news for Tanya and Vito. They were in great financial trouble. Once the pair cleared their $ 24,000 unpaid bills and the new $ 2,000 bill from Kinsman, they only had $ 800 left in their account. Ouch!

Even though Tanya and Vito found themselves in a financial hole, they decided to stick with their pool plans. At least they have opted for an inexpensive prefabricated pool.

The same can’t be said for the also tax-stricken twins who opted to set up an in-ground pool (with no real plans to fund it other than selling a couple of loungers from their home theater).

The brothers also had problems because Josh was under the weather and they had already spent too much time by the pool and not enough in the rooms that were supposed to be for assessment.

The only way to get to the twins’ backyard (thanks to their decision to convert their garage into a master bedroom suite) was through Tanya’s and Vito’s property. That means they had to rely on their neighbors to get organized – which, let’s face it, isn’t a word to describe Tanya’s and Vito’s approach to the renovation – before they could start digging.

When foreman Dan told them that their pool plans would have to wait several days (a long time for The Block) due to delays at Tanya and Vitos, they saw red.

The boys were also frustrated that the pools of houses one (Ronnie and Georgia) and five (Kirsty and Jesse) were dug up first when their property was clearly the logistical challenge.

Dan explained that the other lots were done first because their landscaping plans were done first while the twins – along with Tanya and Vito –

distinguished theirs only hours before.

He also pointed out that they couldn’t afford a pool without the help of Dan’s team dig their hole.

“Give in first, shouldn’t be that thing [that determines the order] It should be the one who has the top priority [ie; the twins]”Argued Josh.

“So the people who are organized shouldn’t be rewarded?” Countered a fat Dan.

“So you’re saying we should only care about the people who are disorganized? Nothing would be built. “

While the guys’ focus was on the pool, they made little headway with the work inside, including all of the hallways, laundry, and turning over their living and dining areas.

While the clock was ticking and money was tight, Ronnie drove (on his overpriced BMX) with an offer too good to refuse – challenging the twins to a game of beach volleyball, with the loser spending two hours painting on the house the winner had to spend.

Of course, Ronnie always had a plan. The Love Islanders may have youth and bulging muscles on their side, but Ronnie was actually a volleyball champion back then.

Luke soon realized that he had been betrayed.

“I’m only doing the sport for fun, but he behaved un-Australian,” Luke complained when Ronnie cast his hopes in the sand with a portion of trash talk.

And when Ronnie took home the win, the twins were understandably angry at being fooled into becoming freelance workers for House 1.

“I’m fucking over that shit! That was the biggest stab of all time, ”Luke scolded.

Of course, they’re not the only ones who have a lot on their plate. Kirsty and Jesse – who spent 24 hours off-site visiting their family after Kirsty’s Nan died – also have the most seats and the least time.

Fortunately, they have a couple of good neighbors.

The All Stars gathered to help Kirsty’s and Jesse’s builders and get paintbrushes to finish their rooms.

Even Dan stepped in to help and spent several hours cutting tiles to help the couple finish their upstairs bathroom.

Twins Luke and Josh, and Tanya and Vito, were noticeably absent in their joint efforts to help their grieving neighbors.

That’s un-Australian folks.


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