Swilling Household Regulation Agency explains Georgia divorce legal guidelines

Divorce laws differ from state to state. Swilling Family Law Firm’s divorce attorneys are here to help clients throughout the greater Atlanta area. They share what Georgia couples need to know when considering divorce.

Alpharetta, GA – Swilling Family Law Firm, LLC understands that divorce is a very stressful time for a couple and their children. They want the people of Alpharetta to understand the laws of Georgia when it comes to divorce.

If Alpharetta couples are considering a divorce attorney, they should seek help from a divorce attorney at Swilling Family Law Firm, LLC. Their divorce attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable in all of the different types of divorces available in the state of Georgia.

Swilling Family Law Firm, LLC explains that there are high net worth divorces that require the family law firm to assist the couple in deciding how to amicably distribute a large group of high quality assets. Sometimes these two spouses belong to, sometimes they belong to just one, but both spouses have contributed. It can get complicated and needs legal clarification.

These Alpharetta divorce lawyers will also explain any issues that arise when each spouse is resident in different states or when one spouse resides permanently in another country.

Things can get difficult when a spouse has disappeared. Fortunately, the attorneys at Swilling Family Law Firm are also experienced with this situation. You can explain to residents how the state of Georgia allows for divorce by publication in certain cases.

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Attorney Melody Swilling of Swilling Family Law Firm, LLC has years of experience figuring out the complicated family law situations that divorced couples face today. Admitted to the bar in 2008, she and her law firm have experience in divorce, custody, parental law and all other aspects of family law.

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