Suspect in Georgia mass shooting killed during manhunt, sheriff says

“I heard, pow,’ a witness said of the shooting.

July 16, 2023, 6:44 PM ET

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A 40-year-old man suspected of fatally gunning down four people in broad daylight at a residential subdivision in Georgia on Saturday morning, was killed during a confrontation that left two law enforcement officers injured, authorities said Sunday.

The suspect, identified by authorities as Andre L. Longmore, was the focus of a massive manhunt in southwest Georgia and suspected of being armed and dangerous when he was cornered by officers and killed, according to Henry County Sheriff Reginald Scandreff.

The circumstances of Longmore’s death, including where the fatal confrontation occurred, were not immediately released. Two officers, a Henry County sheriff’s deputy and a Clayton County police officer, were wounded in the shootout with Longmore, Sandreff said.

News of Longmore’s death came as the Henry County Sheriff’s Office was about to hold an afternoon press briefing Sunday on the manhunt. The news conference was delayed.


The names of the victims killed in the deadly rampage Saturday morning in Hampton, about 40 miles south of Atlanta, have not been released, pending notification of their relatives. All of the victims are adults, authorities said.

A motive for the shooting that unfolded around 10:45 a.m. Saturday remains under investigation. Longmore is suspected of killing victims in at least four different locations in close proximity at the Dogwood Lakes subdivision in Hampton, about 40 miles south of Atlanta, Henry County officials said.

Four murder warrants have been issued for Longmore, Scandrett said.


Frankie Worth, a resident of the subdivision, said the suspect was wielding a black handgun and that he witnessed him fatally shoot his neighbor.

“Just when I was about to open the window, I heard pow,” Worth told ABC affiliate station WSB-TV in Atlanta. “When I opened the window, I saw (the gunman’s) arms up and he’s coming back down.”

Worth said it appeared his neighbor was trying to drive away when he was fatally shot.

Henry County Sheriff’s Office

He said that after shooting his neighbor, the gunman checked “and realized the shot was good.”

“When he realized the shot was good, he took the weapon, checked it for a minute, put it in his holster,” said Worth, adding that the gunman looked around and then fled on foot.

Another resident said the gunman was running down a road while shooting at people he seemed to randomly target.


“He was running down the road, took a shot and then took off running out of the neighborhood and that’s the last we’ve seen of him,” the resident, who did not want to be identified, told WSB-TV.

The search for Longmore involved multiple law enforcement agencies from around the area, including the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and “every Metro Atlanta police and public safety agency.”