Surgery in Turkey: Georgia man spends £86,000 to lengthen his limb

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A father-of-two has had limb lengthening surgery to increase his height from 6′ to almost 6′ after deciding his legs were ‘too short’ for his body and is hoping to expand 86,000 pounds “on top” ($106,600) The procedure has fully healed.

Brian Sanchez, 33, a mortgage broker who lives in Georgia in the United States with his wife Nidia, 30, and their daughters Kaisley, two, and Kairi, six, felt in January 2022 that his body was “out of proportion.” may be. and he looked like “like a giant thumb”.

After doing some research, he discovered that he could have limb lengthening surgery in Turkey to reach his ideal height, and when he saw that he thought, “Okay, I guess that’s what I’ll do.”

In addition to his physical appearance, Brian’s main reasons for wanting the surgery were to improve his weightlifting goals at the gym and being about nine inches taller than his wife so they are no longer “almost eye-to-eye.”

When he told loved ones about his plans, they thought it was “typical of him,” because just because “something’s crazy never means he won’t do it.”

Brian had his first surgery in December 2022, breaking his tibia and fibula, inserting a rod into the bones and securing it with screws. In March 2023, he underwent a second femur lengthening procedure.

To recover, Brian had to sit in the wheelchair four times a day and turn the screws with an Allen wrench, but when he fully recovers he says the pain will be “worth it” as he can “enjoy it, bigger.” to be”. “.

“My wife is quite tall – we were only about three inches apart – but once I fully recover it will be a three and a half inch difference,” he said.

“It’s going to be really nice to be able to just hug her and have her at the bottom of my chest instead of almost at eye level.

“One of the things I’m going to enjoy the most is being able to train again, putting some weight on my legs and making my body look a little bit more how I want it to look.”

In January 2022, Brian suddenly realized that his legs didn’t match his “torso proportions”.

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He said: “I realized my legs always looked weird and I didn’t know what that was until one day I was sitting next to my brother-in-law who is almost 1.80 meters tall and I was actually just a little taller when he was.

“I found that odd because I knew he was quite a bit taller than me and we stood up and all of a sudden I started searching and realized my legs were too short for my body.

“I’m big, I have long arms and I’m wide, but my short legs make me look different — I almost look like a giant thumb, like those Spy Kids thumb men.”

After realizing this, Brian, who had never had plastic surgery before, “began to dislike his aesthetic” and decided to look for ways to make himself taller.

He said, “I figured I could either pick up a new hobby and give up weightlifting, or I could solve the problem.”

“I started googling and stumbled upon the procedure from there — when I saw it I was like, ‘Okay, I guess that’s what I do’.”


Brian set a goal of being at least 1.8m tall and of his loved ones’ reaction when he told them about his idea, he said: “It was a combination of disbelief but they also said it was typical of me .”

“I know this is a very crazy thing, it’s extremely expensive, time-consuming, difficult, painful and in some ways even risky.”

In December 2022 he underwent his first surgery at a clinic called Live Life Taller in Turkey, which cost him £30,000.

In the first operation, the tibia and fibula were lengthened together.

“In the first operation, they fractured my tibia and fibula and gouged the inside of the tibia and removed the bone marrow,” he said.

“Then they stuck a rod into the bone, secured it with screws, and pinned the bone segments to external fixators — so you have this piece of steel on the outside of your legs and these constantly open wounds that don’t close until you remove all the hardware .”

His recovery required him to sit in a wheelchair and use an Allen wrench to turn a screw on the fixators 90 degrees four times a day to separate the bone segments piece by piece.

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Brian continued to do this every day for two months and said of his painful recovery, “The worst part about it all was the lack of sleep, but I think the pain will be worth it — when it’s all over, it’ll just be me.” I can enjoy being taller and hopefully feeling on top of the world.”

In February 2023, the external fixators on his tibia were removed and he was about three inches taller.

In March 2023 he underwent the second operation, which cost him an additional 65,000 euros (£56,000) to perform the same procedure on his femur.

He said, “I felt really great after my hamstring surgery and throughout the procedure I had almost no pain just from the stretching and actual straightening of my legs.”

Brian is now just over 3.75 inches taller, about 6 feet tall, but is still confined to a wheelchair awaiting full recovery.

He joked, “Once it’s fully healed I try not to have any expectations because I don’t want to be disappointed, but it’s hard to imagine not enjoying it.

“Since the few times I’ve stood up, it’s bizarre to see people who used to be my height get under my nose – it’s really weird and it’s a lot of fun just shutting down the world to see things from a slightly different perspective.” Perspective.

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“I can see over the fridge more easily – not that it’s that important, but it’s cool. I’ll be able to see other people’s bald spots, everything will just be different.”

Looking back on his decision to have the surgery, Brian said, “I didn’t have to have the surgery, but I really wanted to and I didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be.

“When I made the decision to do it, I kind of overestimated how easy it would be and underestimated how much pain and how much difficulty it would involve.

“I have no regrets about my decision and I hope that I will be really happy with the results.”