Suffrage in Georgia |  Corporations reply to requires boycotts

Some are calling for boycotts of these companies – and the state of Georgia.

ATLANTA – Given Governor Brian Kemp’s signing of new electoral laws and calls to boycott Georgia-based companies, we’re reaching out to some of the state’s largest corporations for a response to the new law.

Activists are calling for the boycotts, which could also threaten sporting events and the film industry.

Here’s what they said about the new laws:


We remain committed to our previously stated principles that voting should be simple, accessible, secure and transparent. We have been and will continue to be actively involved in the process to ensure that every eligible Georgian can exercise his or her right to vote, which is the cornerstone of our democracy.


We believe that voting is a fundamental right in America and that access should be broad and inclusive.

Throughout the legislature, we worked with the Metro Atlanta Chamber to express our concerns and advocate a positive change in electoral law. We have worked with our business coalition partners to find improvements that will improve accessibility, maximize voter turnout, maintain electoral integrity, and serve all Georgians.

We will continue to identify opportunities for engagement and seek improvements to promote and protect the right to vote in our home state and elsewhere.


Delta believes that unrestricted and equal access to voting is a fundamental right for all citizens. Over the past few weeks, Delta has worked extensively with elected officials from both parties to express our firm belief that Georgia must have a fair and secure electoral process, with broad voter turnout and equal access to elections. The law signed this week has improved significantly during the legislative process, adding to the weekend voting, codifying Sunday voting, and protecting a voter’s ability to vote by post for no reason. For the first time, Dropboxing has also been approved for all counties across the state, and poll workers are allowed to work across counties. However, we understand that there are still concerns about other provisions in the legislation, and these important efforts will continue. We pledge to continue listening to our people and communities, and to work with leaders from both parties to ensure that every eligible employee and every Georgian voter can exercise their right to vote.


We believe that all elections should be accessible, fair, and safe, and support widespread turnout. We will continue to work to ensure that our employees, both in Georgia and across the country, have the information and resources to vote.

For example, we encouraged voters to participate in the last election through our internal Get Out The Vote initiative and confirmed 15,500 voter registrations among our employees. Additionally, we have brought together more than 1,800 employees with local opportunities to volunteer at polling stations across the country, including 600 volunteer technicians in Atlanta to assist with complex technology issues and cybersecurity related to the election. We also donated 9,200 plexiglass partitions across Georgia to help meet polling station security requirements.

11Alive updates this list to include any new information we receive from these companies.