State Forces and Officers Urge Drivers to Make Security a Precedence This Memorial Day Weekend – CBS Atlanta – Atlanta, Georgia

The Department of Public Security (DPS) is encouraging drivers to practice safe driving habits this weekend by driving on roads across the state and visiting the beaches of Georgia. This year’s Memorial Day vacation trip begins on Friday, May 28th at 6 p.m. and ends on Monday, May 31st at midnight. The travel time is 78 hours.

“The state has reopened, the CDC released the latest guidelines for vaccinated people, and schools closed over the summer. This weekend we will be traveling our streets to visit family and friends. We expect the number of people to increase. Chris C. Wright, Secretary of the Georgia Public Security Bureau. During the vacation, state police officers conduct highly visible patrols, watch out for drunk driving and other traffic violations, and can cause collisions.

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During the 2020 Memorial Day vacation, the Georgia Patrol investigated 382 traffic accidents resulting in 256 injuries and 10 deaths and 13 deaths. In addition to investigating traffic accidents, state and automobile police arrested 323 people for drunk driving and issued 9,536 citations and 9,714 warnings. The offer included 430 hands-free kits, 936 seat belts, 213 child seats and 33 violations of the changeover.

“The Georgian Ministry of Public Safety wants everyone with family and friends to have an anniversary celebration, but we are making all residents and visitors a safe driving habit according to our law. We encourage you to tour our streets and visit our beaches to practice. “
DPS wants everyone to use the following best practices to ensure safe road travel:

  • Make sure everyone in the car is buckled up and the child is underneath 8th Age is properly tied to the right child seat.
  • Remember that Georgia is a “hands-free state”. Place your phone and watch out for the road.
  • According to the specified speed limit
  • Avoid becoming a disabled driver by scheduling a specific driver or by taking a rideshare or taxi during weekend festivals.

During the Memorial Day trip, Georgia Patrol will again participate in the national mobilization of the Click It or Ticket program. State Police, in collaboration with sheriff officials and law enforcement officers, enforce seat belt legislation in Georgia and educate the public about the importance of buckling up in a car. Do. This program is coordinated by the Georgia Highway Safety Authority.

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Vacation road deaths are updated on the Georgia Public Security Bureau Twitter account throughout the travel period. ..