Solidarity Center – New books improve access to labor law in Georgia

Three new Georgian books will help improve access to legal information and justice for workers and the organizations that represent them.

The titles, which bring together international labor standards and national laws in three volumes, were launched last week at a Solidarity Center book launch in Georgia.

“In Georgia, workers’ awareness of their basic labor rights remains low, exposing workers, including union members, to serious violations,” said Stanislaw Cieniuch, State Program Director of Solidarity Center Georgia, during his keynote address.

Raissa Liparteliani, Vice President of the Georgian Confederation of Trade Unions (GTUC), said that the new books will solve the problem of lack of access to labor standards, which were previously not available from a single source. President of the Construction Workers Union of Georgia – a GTUC member organization – Marina Kurtanidze, added that the books will make a significant contribution to the GTUC's labor law education programs.

The event was attended by trade union leaders, labor lawyers, representatives of the government and the Georgian parliament, employers' associations, the international and diplomatic community, non-governmental organizations and academia, and was covered by several mass media outlets.

Books available only in Georgian include: Commentary on the Labor Code of Georgia; Collection of legal acts related to labor and trade union activities; Labor rights of civil servants.

In Georgia, the Solidarity Center, in partnership with the GTUC, which represents 147,000 members and 19 affiliated unions, works with unions to help them work effectively with employers and government officials. Despite strong political pressure, the GTUC maintains its independence as a champion of workers' rights and respect for all civil society partners. Read more here.