Last week, Roswell police found Macon’s Vashone Jones and several other people partying at Thomas’s home.

ROSWELL, Georgia — A former Bibb County assemblyman is suspected of stealing thousands of dollars in football memorabilia, guns, cash and other items from the home of the late football great Demaryius Thomas, according to a Roswell Police Department incident report.

Thomas was a star receiver for West Laurens High School, Georgia Tech and several NFL teams. He died in December at the age of 33.

Last week, Roswell police found Macon’s Vashone Jones and several other people partying at Thomas’s home.

Jones and some of the others were charged with criminal trespass; Police also found marijuana, cocaine and guns in the vacant home.

Three days later, Thomas’s mother, his personal assistant, and his financial adviser met with the Roswell Police Department.

They said various items were stolen from the house, including:

  • A “priceless” ESPY award from ESPN
  • Football memorabilia including jerseys from various teams. One of them was signed by Tom Brady, Thomas’ former New England Patriots teammate
  • Seven or eight firearms, both handguns and long guns
  • “Lots” of shoes and clothes
  • Thousands of dollars in cash
  • A hyperbaric chamber used to increase the air pressure by 2-3 times to allow the person inside to breathe some almost pure oxygen. It is often used to treat infections, wounds, and other health problems.

The report lists 29-year-old Jones as the sole suspect.

According to police records, Jones was arrested on March 13 at Thomas’ home on Riverside Road in Roswell and released the next day. That was two days before Thomas’s family reported the missing items.

Roswell Police spokesman Tim Lupo emailed 13WMAZ that they were investigating the alleged thefts.

Fulton County tax records list the home’s value as more than $1.6 million.

A Facebook post from the Thomas Laurens County football camp warned people about the missing items and asked for the public’s help.

The Demaryius “BayBay” Thomas FUNdamentals Camp post said: “If you see ANY items (jewelry, jerseys, replica, collectibles, anything) that are for sale or if you know someone who has received or purchased something , related to Demaryius Thomas, please PM this page. You remain anonymous! These items have been STOLEN and the authorities have been notified! If the authorities catch them, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! If they are returned to the estate, no charges will be filed!! We need your help to bring BayBay’s items back to his family! Thanks in advance!!”

In 2019, the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office reported that Jones resigned after being accused of using a friend’s credit card to rack up more than $1,000 in debt.

He was charged with four counts of identity theft, but in 2020 those charges were dropped, according to Bibb County court records.

Reporter Kamilah Williams will cover more of this story on 13WMAZ News.

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