SNL calls out Georgia for its new electoral legislation throughout the chilly opening

On another episode of the “Oops, You Did It Again” talk show, Britney Spears, played by Chloe Fineman, hosts the pariah of the week to decide who is “not so innocent.” At the beginning of the section, she says, “When you speak of pariah, give our sponsor Georgia a call. It’s been voted the best place not to vote,” as the state name appears at the bottom of the peached screen.

Fineman’s Spears then invites other newsmakers of the week to their couch.

First, rapper Lil Nas X, played by Chris Redd, joins the show in a week to make waves with religious people and sneakerheads to make a music video giving Satan a lap dance and 666 pairs of limited edition Nike shoes Edition with released a drop of human blood in them.

Fineman’s Spears asks, “What would you say to the religious people who went crazy for giving Satan a lap dance?” to which he replies, “I would say, ‘You know that wasn’t the real Satan, right? It was a guy in a Halloween devil costume because the real Satan doesn’t make music videos. So, maybe chill.'”

Redd’s Lil Nas X points out that he didn’t give real Satan a lap dance, just an actor. Fineman’s Spears then asks if he’ll even give God a lap dance on the field, and he does.

After the end of the lap dance, the cartoon skunk Pepé Le Pew, played by Kate McKinnon, arrives in a huge skunk suit and smokes a cigarette from an opera cigarette holder.

Fineman’s Spears talks about how Le Pew was removed from the upcoming Space Jam sequel due to his overtly sexual behavior.

The skunk apologizes and says he has a lot to learn.

Why Matt Gaetz's days in politics are probably numbered

“I do the work. I read books like ‘Women are from Mars, skunks are from France.’ ‘”

Fineman’s Spears then invites their next guest, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, to join the crew.

Gaetz, played by Pete Davidson, answers her questions, which are interrupted by Quagmire’s signature “Giggity” line, “Family Guy”.

She asks him about the story, which she thinks is “so incredible Florida”.

Davidson’s Gaetz then says people are targeting him for defending President Trump.

“I’m just like Pepe here. I’m just a woman’s man,” he says. McKinnon’s Pepe replies, “No. I’m a cartoon skunk, you’re a United States Congressman. You’d better be okay?”

Fineman’s Spears announces her verdict at the end and marks Lil Nas X as “innocent”, Le Pew as “not so innocent” and says that she cannot judge Gaetz, but says that others should “judge him by his face”.