SANDERSVILLE, Georgia (AP) – The body of a Georgia elementary school teacher who was reported missing this week was reportedly found in Washington County.

The sheriff’s office said at a news conference on Friday they found the remains of Tina Prince, 46, on a country road near Sandersville, news agencies reported.

Prince, a first grade teacher, was reported missing after her daughter told police that she received several suspicious calls over dinner with the family before she abruptly left the restaurant and never returned.

Prince’s car was found abandoned in a Walmart parking lot.

Aaron Matthew Adams, 31, was arrested in connection with Prince’s death and charged with concealing a death on one count and on two counts of misrepresentation. MPs have previously said that Adams was an acquaintance of Prince.

The GBI brought the corpse to the crime lab for unambiguous identification. The cause and type of death are unknown.

If anyone has any information about the investigation, they will be asked to contact the sheriff’s office or the GBI.

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