With the third round of bailouts, Bank of America expects more money, one way or another, to be saved and not spent. In his survey of 3,000 people at the end of February, only 36% of those questioned said they wanted to spend the money. The rest had other plans: 9% planned to invest it, 25% would save it, and 30% would use it to pay off debts.

It is not good news for food, clothing, and other necessities sellers. The planned use of the money in these categories is projected to be nearly 5% below what people planned with the payments last year. One ray of hope is vacation and travel, which has seen big gains compared to previous surveys, but still made up a small part of the bigger picture.

Bank of America found that every household income group planned to save much more than normal. 79% of high earners with household incomes over $ 120,000 said they either wanted to save, pay off debts, or invest. The same assessment was confirmed by 53% of respondents with a household income of less than $ 30,000. The lower-income group also reported the highest intentions to spend them on food, clothing, and other needed shoppers.