Search criminal cases in Georgia

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Smart Georgia attorneys know you can’t be beat for quick access to criminal justice Search criminal cases in Georgia. This essential resource can save you hours of tedious searching through extensive case reports and summaries.

Offers more than 6,500 annotations, Search criminal cases in Georgia you can instantly find the authorities you can use to support your case. Regardless of whether your interest is of a procedural or substantive nature, Search criminal cases in Georgia takes you straight to the case summary you need – without digging through a long and confusing index.

Written by Former President of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Search criminal cases in Georgia arranges case summaries in chronological order under subject headings for quick reference. And unique for such references, Search criminal cases in Georgia separates many of the cases into those favorable to the defense and those favorable to the prosecution.

The ISBN of the 2021 edition is 9781663302045.

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