Scott Brannen, attorney in Statesboro, Georgia

I am a native Statesboro attorney and a second generation attorney with close ties to Statesboro and the surrounding communities. I’m hardworking, aggressive, honest, hardworking and loyal to my clients. Having dealt exclusively with criminal law for over a decade, I know the courts, the law, the procedures and the judges very well. I have tried over 80 jury trials in the higher courts, hundreds of cases in state courts and have also served in federal courts. My litigation skills are used in all types of cases, particularly criminal, divorce, custody and property disputes between divorcing couples. I handle all types of family law cases, but two areas in which I have gained great knowledge are adoption and legitimation processes. I am able to help clients navigate the probate court system and file the will, probate and probate applications. I am also honored to represent two cities near Statesboro and assist with any municipal and local legal issues that may arise.