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Lindsey Graham warns that pardoning Capitol rioters would “destroy” Trump

Senator Lindsey Graham (R., SC) advised the president on Sunday not to grant the rioters who stormed the Capitol this month a presidential pardon, warning that doing so would “destroy” Trump. “Mr.. Mr. President, your policies will stand the test of time. You are the most important figure in the Republican Party. You can set the direction of the party. Keep your movement alive,” Graham said on Fox News. “It there are many people asking the President to excuse people who were involved in defiling the Capitol, the rioters, “Graham continued.” I don’t care if you went there and laid flowers on the ground, You violated the security of the Capitol, you interrupted a joint congressional session, you tried to intimidate us all, you should be prosecuted in full law, and asking for forgiveness from these people would be wrong. I think it would be President Destroy Trump and I hope we don’t go that route. ”On Wednesday, a large group of Trump supporters overwhelmed the Capitol Police and invaded the halls of Congress. Pence and the ve A rallying legislature evacuated the Senate, where a joint congressional session was held to confirm the presidential election results. The violence followed a rally outside the White House on the day President Trump spoke at the Save America March and reiterated claims that the November election was fraudulent and threatened to deprive him of his rightful second term. The January 6 violence resulted in five deaths, including a Capitol police officer. Since then, dozens of criminal cases related to the riot have been brought. Graham defended Trump’s rhetoric at the rally, which was condemned by both parties and sparked a second impeachment of the House Democrats against the president. “President Trump never said, ‘Go to the capital and try to break a joint session of Congress.’ That was the choice they made and they have to live with that choice, “said Graham. Graham added that there were” postal voting irregularities “but said” the choice is over “noting that the votes were confirmed. “It is now time to move on,” said the Republican from South Carolina. Graham also had a message for new President Joe Biden urging him to oppose Trump’s second impeachment, the the Senate is expected to take up office after leaving office.