RICO defendant Harrison Floyd of Georgia has been busy filing motions.

Harrison Floyd and his lawyer were busy little bees. Floyd is one of the defendants in the GA RICO case. I’m pretty sure Floyd will NOT accept a plea deal. In fact, I doubt Fani Willis even offered him one, but I bet he wants to take the farm to court to prove his “innocence.” Floyd and his lawyer are busy throwing everything at the wall to see what will stick, and that strategy involves the following: 1) I don’t know the other defendants, so how can I be involved in a RICO case? , 2 ) I was never “knowingly and willfully” part of a conspiracy, and 3) Trump won the state of GA and I have to subpoena multiple GA officials to prove it.

For those unsure of the actors involved in the Georgia election crime spree, Harrison Floyd was the director of an “organization” called Black Voices for Trump. He doesn’t live in the state of GA (he’s from MD). But Pastor Lee, tasked with harassing poll worker Ruby Freeman, called Harrison Floyd and Trevian Kutti for help. Pastor Lee concluded that Ruby Freeman would give in and confess to election interference if two blacks ganged up on her instead.

A fun group, right?

Initially, Floyd filed a motion to separate himself from the other defendants in the case. The argument from Floyd’s attorney is that Floyd does not know any of the other people in this conspiracy and therefore does not want to go to trial with them. All the other defendants want that too, so it’s not unusual.

But Floyd’s lawyer decided to play legal definition games with the law Floyd was charged with in order to get the charges dismissed.

ATLANTA – In a new filing filed Friday, one of the 19 co-defendants In the case of the 2020 election in Georgia, RICO challenges the fundamental basis for his inclusion in the indictment.

Harrison Floyd was the director of Black Voices for Trump in 2020 and is charged in the RICO indictment for his alleged role in the conspiracy to coerce Fulton County poll worker Ruby Freeman into a “confession” to fraud…

On Friday, Floyd filed one “General Demurrer” motion, essentially a challenge to his legitimacy, for violating Georgia’s RICO law.

In the filing, Floyd argues that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ indictment failed to establish that Floyd “knowingly and . . .” intentionally engaged in a conspiracy to violate Georgia’s RICO law.”

The filing argues that the charges against him “do not constitute a crime under Georgia law” because “there are no allegations against Mr. Floyd.” affirmatively agreed “participated in the conduct and overall purpose of the alleged RICO enterprise,” meaning that he did not “knowingly and willfully” join a conspiracy.

I love this. Your argument is: Where is the evidence that Floyd was “knowingly and willfully” involved in a conspiracy? No proof, no fee! This goes back to the severance payment request. Per Floyd: “I don’t know any of these other people! How can I knowingly and intentionally be involved in a conspiracy with them?”

I don’t know. Maybe because people like Rudy Giuliani said that Ruby Freeman manipulated votes on television and before the General Assembly legislative session? And why did you send your ass to GA to harass Ruby Freeman? Sounds premeditated to me if you committed all this harassment at the urging of Pastor Lee!

But the dumbest thing about Floyd’s bullshit is that his lawyers are trying to subpoena multiple GA officials to PROVE THAT TRUMP WON THE STATE OF GA!

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. Attorneys representing Harrison Floyd, who faces election interference charges in Fulton County along with former President Donald Trump, appeared in court today. They defended several subpoenas that had already been issued in September as part of their defense strategy.

The subpoenas seek information from various entities, including the Fulton County Superior Court Clerk, the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections and the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office. The defense team is seeking documents related to the 2020 presidential election, including extensive material such as images of ballots cast in Fulton County.

Floyd has argued that proving Trump won the election in Georgia would negate any criminal intent.

All of this leads me to believe that Harrison Floyd is a true supporter of Trump and will not accept a deal. People more deeply involved in this conspiracy have decided to take plea deals, but here we have Floyd, who must be suffering from delusions of grandeur and still believes he can prove that Trump won the state of GA. Even that con artist Sidney Powell could see the handwriting on the damn wall.

Also, I bet Fani Willis is in no mood to beg Floyd. I bet she sized him up, and considering Floyd molested Ruby Freeman, I think he’s a little guy who’s going to burn.