Review of Fulton County Jail Conditions and Visa Program to Protect Migrant Workers in Georgia – WABE

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office is responding to a lawsuit filed by the family of #LashawnThompson, who died in the psychiatric ward at Fulton Prison. The unit was overrun by an outbreak of lice and scabies. He was arrested for a misdemeanor last summer. MTK. –@wabenews

— Chamian Cruz 🔍 (@xchamian) April 13, 2023

Dems choose Chicago over Atlanta, New York…

Democrats have chosen Chicago to host their 2024 national convention and are trying to maintain party momentum after last fall’s midterm election success in the critical Midwest. However, Chicago’s defeat of Atlanta came as a surprise given Georgia’s strategic importance as a swing state.

Biden won Georgia two years ago, becoming the first Democrat to do so in a presidential election since Clinton in 1992, and his party now controls both Senate seats after victories that have drawn national attention over the past two cycles.

BREAKING NEWS: Chicago will host the 2024 Democratic National Convention.

Atlanta had been in the running. #gapol

— Rahul Bali (@rahulbali) April 11, 2023

Awarded to Chicago at the 2024 Democratic National Convention

“The thing that Illinois also had was a lot of money coming in from the governor.”

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens on Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker’s pledge to use his personal fortune to support Congress in Chicago. #atlpol

— Rahul Bali (@rahulbali) April 11, 2023

Also in this episode…

– Emily Wu Pearson examines how a new visa program could protect migrant workers in Georgia from abuse.

– Sam Gringlas reports on a new rule proposed by the Biden administration that would likely conflict with a Georgia High School Association policy on transgender student athletes.

– Jess Mador and Molly Samuel discuss abortion law in Georgia following recent court rulings on abortion drugs.

– Rahul Bali tells us about Fulton County Commissioners considering a new sales tax to fund hospitals and health care.

– Jim Burress talks to an expert on invasive species in Georgia and how you can help stop their populations from growing.

– DorMiya Vance reports that the Atlanta Community Food Bank expects greater demand for the upcoming summer season.