Remark: The brand new COVID ban on European and different overseas employees is nonsensical and dangerous to Georgia firms

A new Biden proclamation limits the ability of skilled European workers to come to the US for business purposes. Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

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Remark: The brand new COVID ban on European and different overseas employees is nonsensical and dangerous to Georgia firmsCharles Kuck

Georgia Companies are wrongly prevented from commissioning employees from the EU without a migrant background United Kingdom, Ireland or the Schengen area from Europeunless they are contract workers who support critical infrastructure sectors.

These restrictions are the result of a March 2nd Biden administration proclamation intends to contain the spread of COVID-19 by further restricting market participants United States.

It is the latest in a series of government proclamations on immigration that are not only confusing but sometimes nonsensical.

The announcement will be expanded current visa restrictions through temporary workers and also prevents professional athletes and “persons with exceptional abilities” from entering the US until at least March 31st.

Only applicants who work in one of the 16 critical infrastructure sectorsB. Visa, manufacturing, emergency services, energy, healthcare, information technology and others who “seek critical support for critical infrastructure” are considered for Visa.

This is a tightening of an earlier Biden proclamationwho the Trump card the government’s so-called “Schengen ban”, which restricts entry of non-US citizens Brazil, Ireland, South Africa and Great Britain.

Despite the prohibition, National Interest Exception (NIE) WaiverUntil March 2, some temporary workers (holders of H and L visas), who are crucial for the economy, infrastructure, the fight against COVID or other related needs, were allowed to come to Georgia.

The NIE exemptions affected executives and executives, investors, technical experts, specialists, dealers, professional athletes and their families, and people with “exceptional skills in science, art, education, business or athletics”.

The exemptions also allowed students, diplomats, U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and their parents to come to the U.S. AU Pair could come to nanny for a family in Georgia.

Due to all the exceptions, the Schengen ban made no logistical or health sense.

Someone from a prohibited country who was unable to enter on an employer-approved work visa could still obtain a visa to enter the exempted categories as a visitor.

The ban certainly made no logistical sense in preventing the virus from spreading, as a person from one prohibited country could simply quarantine in another country for two weeks and then travel to the United States

With the proclamation of March 2, these exceptions were almost eliminated, as the extended ban applies not only to holders of H and L visas (temporary workers), but also to E (dealers and investors), O (exceptional skills) and P. (Athlete)) Visa.

However, visas will continue to be issued to U.S. citizens and their spouses, minor children, and parents of U.S. minor citizens and legal permanent residents. Diplomats; Journalists and certain academic or research visitors.

Exceptions also exist for humanitarian travel, national security and public health measures, as well as for students arriving with valid F-1 and M-1 visas from the Schengen area, Great Britain or Ireland.

So the guidelines are confusing at best. But the results are harmful.

With the proclamation, Biden has excluded foreign entrepreneurs who have invested in the US and created jobs for US workers.

The question is why? It’s economically harmful and there doesn’t seem to be a legitimate COVID reason for it as anyone entering the US by air must have a negative COVID test before traveling. More importantly, people in a non-prohibited country are always quarantined for 14 days and then allowed to enter the United States. Hence, there is no legitimate reason to restrict visas from these countries.

This nonsensical ban means extra work for the consulates and, in my opinion, is illegal. So we’re preparing a lawsuit to contest it. We invite any business owner, employer or investor who wishes to participate to contact us.

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