Q&A with Phyllis Hatcher, Georgia 10th Congressional District Candidate |  information

Below is the full Q&A transcript for PHYLLIS HATCHER, a Democratic nominee running for the seat of the US Congressional District 10:

1. What are the top two reasons a voter should vote you to represent the 10th Congressional District?

“My general life task was to seek and support everyone who is unable to take care of themselves. This cause has become a calling for me for over 20 years. Such a thing is so much bigger than any individual Human. But I am not overwhelmed by the generosity of the mission. My leadership and skills have enabled me to form coalitions that achieve the goals I want. And I will fight for and listen to the concerns of the citizens of my district. “

2. Why are you a democrat?

“I believe in economic security for everyone, I believe the government has to work with its citizens. I believe in free enterprise for the working and middle classes, not just for global corporations. I do not believe in increasing or decreasing taxes, but in a fair tax system. I believe no one should go bankrupt, lose their home and savings, or die because they cannot afford health care or have adequate health insurance. I believe in the family, especially policies that support the family like paid parental leave, more support for public schools, a safe and sustainable environment, more prenatal health care, better support for working mothers, better day care programs for our children and immigration policies, Don’t punish or divide the children I believe that undocumented residents are first and foremost my brothers and sisters. “

3. Do you agree with your party’s national platform? If not, what specifically do you not support?

“I agree with everything.”

4. Again, in relation to your party’s national platform, what is the most frequently mentioned topic that makes you proud to be a member of that party??

“Health, Education, Jobs and Immigration”

5. What do you think is the main problem facing Americans today?

“To return to some sort of normalcy after COVID-19.”

6. If you are elected, what specific steps will you be doing to address this number one problem?

“Healthcare, make it affordable for all Americans.”

7A. Who has influenced your life the most? Please provide details.

“God has the greatest influence on my life.”

7B. Who is the person you consider your mentor in politics and why?

“I don’t have a mentor. I really let the issues in my community guide me.”

8. What do you think of the other party?

“The Republican Party used to be the party of law and order and religious. The Republican Party had no party platform in 2020. The Republican Party is currently selling THE BIG LIE that Trump won the election. The Republican Party is currently selling lies about January 6th . I’m not sure what the post-Trump Republican Party principles are any more. “

9. What made you decide to become politically active?

“Running for Georgia 10th Congressional District is personal to me. I didn’t have health insurance, and my little daughter was hospitalized for six weeks, then was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes and needed four insulin shots a day after that. Currently, aged 62, Can I? I can’t afford to pay $ 1,030 a month for Obamacare so I don’t have health insurance today, so I know what it means to pay bills or worry about your health or health who want to make your child go to Washington, DC to fight hard to ensure that District 10 residents have affordable health insurance, better access to health services, and lower health care costs. “

10. In your opinion, what is the greatest external threat to which this country is exposed today?

“The United States has fallen so far behind in developing the next innovation frontier for the future.”

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11. In your opinion, what is the greatest internal threat to which the USA is currently exposed?

“The United States is so divided over what is facts and what is truth and lies to gain power.”

12. Do you think the country is doing better today than it was four years ago? Eight years ago? Please give reasons for your answers.

“Four years ago, the country voted for Donald Trump, who in my opinion was one of the worst presidents America had besides Richard Nixon. Eight years ago the country elected its first African American President, Barack Obama. This government lives from bringing the country together. Affordable health care, better jobs, immigration that connects countries. “

13. What do you think of the country’s growing crime statistics and what should be done about it?

“It’s out of control. Attorney William Barr’s office implemented Project Guardian, the Department’s Gun Violence Reduction initiative, federal firearms enforcement laws, and partners in the field to help change that situation. “

14. What do you think of the efforts in some places to take the pressure off law enforcement agencies?

“I believe that peace officers and police would agree that military tanks are unnecessary and that it is necessary to work with the community to have a safer community.”

15. Certain governments now offer a cashless system? What are your thoughts on that?

“Some crimes are committed by poor people, and if that crime is non-violent, I support bail with no cash.”

16. Do you support Georgia’s new electoral integrity law? Please provide information about why or why not. Similar to the last presidential cycle, do you have any comments on the information released at the hearings or on the State Farm Arena videos? Do you have 100% confidence in the upcoming electoral process in Georgia?

“No. Georgia’s new electoral non-integrity law is Jim Crow 2.0 and was created to support THE BIG LIE. The Georgia Republican non-integrity law gives Georgia politicians a legal means to decide if they don’t like the voters’ choice . ” they can change voters. The Election Non-Integrity Act allows Republicans to do what they couldn’t do in the 2020 election. That is, voters tip what they wanted. I trust 100% that Republicans in the state of Georgia are 100% trying to make the upcoming electoral process as difficult as possible for people who don’t want to vote. Republicans have absolutely no interest in developing good political ideas to win over voters. “

17. Do you support increasing the number of judges in the US Supreme Court? Why or why not?

“No, but I support that the US Supreme Court be made equal to all United States of America. This includes race, gender and religious beliefs.”

18. Do you think Americans should pay more taxes? If so, how much more and why?

“I support rich and wealthy Americans who pay their fair share of taxes without loopholes and tax evasion tricks. Tax laws were written to allow Americans with funds and access to accountants and tax attorneys to use loopholes and tax tricks from ‘rich people’ to help them Payment bypassing what “they should pay taxes.”

19. Do you think US companies should pay more taxes? If so, how much more and why?

“I support large corporations that pay more taxes.”

20. Do you support the current open border immigration system? What do you think of a border wall? Please give reasons for your answers.

“The formulation of the question ‘current immigration system with open borders’ does not take into account that in the last 10 years visa violations in the United States have exceeded the number of border crossings with Mexico by 2 to 1. It is important to identify foreigners who are exceeding their approved residence times for national security, public security, immigration enforcement, and processing immigration benefits applications. Congress needs to have an honest dialogue on immigration, ALL immigration. “

21. As for Critical Racial Theory, do you think promoting it will help or harm efforts to improve racial relations in the United States? Please justify your answer. Should it be taught in America’s public schools too? Why or why not?

“Critical Race Theory is a theory used in law courses. Can law courses be taught in American public schools? The Republican Party is making a huge mistake in trying to educate young children like my 16-year-old grandson “Who has multiracial friends and lives in the suburbs to sell this insincere CRT marketing campaign to scare rural America.”

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