Below is the full Q&A transcript for DAVID CURRY, a Republican candidate running for the U.S. Congressional District 10 seat:

1. What are the top two reasons a voter should choose you to represent the 10th Congressional District?

A. Honesty – For far too long, voters have elected representatives, both Republican and Democrat, who have not fulfilled their promises to the American people. I am not a politician but a concerned citizen who wants to serve my fellow citizens of the 10th Congressional District in a truly conservative manner. I love my country. I will never give in to the left. I will serve with honor and integrity. I will continue the efforts started by President Trump to put America and Georgia first.

B. Experience – I encourage EVERY voter to research the candidates. No one has the education or experience I bring to the table. At 18, while still in high school, I began working 10-hour shifts at an auto manufacturing facility (Ford Motor Co). Later I was selected to participate in the Awarding Winning Skilled Trades Apprenticeship Program as an Industrial Electrician. A few years later I attended Mercer University where I received my BAS degree. I continued to further my education by receiving my MBA from Georgia State University.

In 2008, I was elected as the Henry County Tax Commissioner where we were recognized as the only county to receive the Georgia Focus Recognition Award. In 2019, I was appointed as the Georgia State Revenue Commissioner. GDOR has 11 Regional Offices, 10 Divisions including 2 law enforcement divisions, and collects over $24B annually. We cut our budget both years while also improving our service to taxpayers. Working my way from blue collar jobs to running one of the most prestigious agencies in the state, I have proven I have the passion and ability to get things done.

2. Why are you a Republican?

In my opinion, many Americans and Georgians have either forgotten or never learned our values or what we stand for. Democrats exploit the ignorance of the populace to promote an idea that is simply false. Socialism will never work. Socialism replaces God with Government. This nation was founded upon the idea of Liberty, not upon race, color or creed. Every generation must fight to protect and preserve that God given right, or we will not exist as a nation. As Abraham Lincoln stated in the Gettysburg address, we are a nation “Conceived out of Liberty.” Our Founding Fathers, when signing the Declaration of Independence, pledged “with a firm Reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.” These men made an oath to one another and promised everything to protect the new America. The idea that all men are created equal was worth the risk of death. It is my personal belief that throughout history it has always been the Republicans that have stood in the face of those who wish to destroy America. Future generations will look back on this crucial moment in history and see that we Republicans stood strong. We stared down the evils of Socialism and saved a nation from those aiming to destroy us.

3. Regarding your party’s national platform, do you agree with all of it? If not, what specifically do you not support?

Yes. I am a proud America First conservative, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! Conservatives believe in limited government, secure borders, individual freedoms, and protecting the Constitution, the unborn, and the 2nd Amendment.

4. Again, regarding your party’s national platform, what is the top stated issue that makes you proud to be a member of that party?

The protection and upholding of the Constitution. Our founders believed that every human being is a child of God and deserves Freedom, Liberty, and the Right to Life. Our Constitution is under assault by the Radical Left, and we must fight to protect it or else risk losing our country.

5. What do you believe is the number one issue facing Americans today?

Domestic: Socialism. The modern-day Democrat party has become the party of Socialism and Marxism and they are hell bent on taking away our freedoms. We must elect leaders like myself with a backbone who aren’t afraid to stand up and fight back.

International: The Chinese Communist Party. The CCP is not our ally. COVID-19 originated from the Wuhan Lab in Communist China. The CCP poses a serious economic, national security, and geopolitical threat to our American way of life.

6. If you are elected, what will you specifically do to address that number one issue?

I will never waver when it comes to protecting our American way of life. Unfortunately, there are some weak Republicans that are afraid to stand up and fight to protect our values. They are afraid of being called names by the Democrats or CNN. Personally, I couldn’t care less what they say about me. I’m running for Congress to represent the people in my community, and I don’t care what CNN calls me. The way I look at it, I work for the people who will be electing me, and I will never back down from doing what’s right for the people of Georgia’s 10th district.

7A. Who has had the greatest influence on your life? Please include details.

My father, Ron Curry. As for many of his generation, life wasn’t easy. Raised in South Alabama, he was the son of a Navy WWII veteran. My father was always there for me. He was supportive and encouraging. He coached little league, drove the school bus for my high school away football and basketball games, and worked the sidelines at the home football games so he could be closer to me and the action. He disciplined me when needed yet lifted me when I needed that, too. He was pragmatic, good humored, and an all-around friend to everyone. He made mistakes, but when he did, he owned them. He taught me about honor and what it meant to be a man of integrity. He wasn’t perfect, but he was Dad. I’ll always be thankful he was mine.

7B. Who is the person you consider to be your mentor in politics and why?

There are several people throughout history that I admire, but if asked to narrow it down to one person, that person would be Ronald Reagan. When he was first elected President, I was only 10 years old. Later in life I would come to appreciate the challenges he endured and the accomplishments he made. I came to admire his approach. He led with compassion, intelligence and humor, yet with a strength the entire world respected. Under his leadership our economy rebounded. He implemented policies to reduce the size of the federal government, including tax cuts intended to spur growth. He was the first to recognize that government was not the solution but often the problem. He was Pro-Military, Pro-America and a lover of Freedom. He was a true conservative. He loved America. He believed in progress and working diligently for the conservative cause, and for that I truly admire the man.

8. What is your opinion of the other party?

I believe the other party no longer consists of traditional Democrats as we have known them through the years. Today’s Democrats seem more interested in a socialist and Marxist ideology. We hear members of the party advocate for platforms that include Defunding the Police, Medicare for All, open borders, Critical Race Theory, a federal jobs guarantee, the Green New Deal, and abolishing the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). They believe in government having complete and total control of the American people. Democrats spent the last four years doing everything in their power to undermine President Trump. They had no intention of working with Trump to put America First and instead were driven by hatred and obstructed him anyway they could. I found it disgusting that they would put their own selfish interests ahead of the interests of the American people.

9. What led you to get involved in politics?

In 2006, Ford Motor Company decided to shut the doors at the Atlanta Assembly Plant (AAP) where I had worked even before graduating high school. I used that experience as an opportunity to find my true purpose. I began to pray and ask for God to lead me and direct my footsteps. My wife and I had just read the book “Purpose Driven Life,” and the message resonated with both of us. Nicole and I were in our mid-30s. I wanted to make a positive difference in the world yet wasn’t sure what that looked like. Eventually I would run for Tax Commissioner which after 10 years would lead to me being appointed to the State Revenue Department as the first Tax Commissioner in history to be appointed as the Revenue Commissioner. At every step along my career, my goal was continuous improvement. The training I learned as a young electrician at Ford Motor Company would carry into the public sector. My goal was and continues to be to lead with integrity in everything I do. Today I feel our country is being ripped apart by a group of people that does not appreciate the struggles nor the sacrifices so many made before them. Society is quick to judge, slow to learn. We live in the greatest nation ever in the history of the world. Are we perfect? No, but even our forefathers understood we are a constant work in progress. The Preamble to the Constitution states, “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union…” The words “form a more perfect Union” means we are striving, always moving towards a better America. Our Constitution makes possible the freedom that is the birthright of all Americans. When elected, I will serve the people and protect America by putting America – and Georgia – first in everything I do.

10. As you see it, what is the greatest external danger facing this country today?

China. 97% of all antibiotics in the United States come from China. 80% of all active ingredients in U.S pharmaceuticals come from China. In 2017, $4.6M in foodstuffs (Sugar, Cooking Oil, etc.) came from Communist China. 30 million acres of U.S. farmland is owned by foreign investors (2.2% of all farmland…. roughly the size of Mississippi). China’s investment in American farmland has grown tenfold over the last decade. The aggressive purchase of American farmland puts food security of the nation in the hands of hostile foreign power.

In addition to farmland, China owns more residential real estate than any other foreign country (25%). Canada is second with 9%.

11. Again, as you see it, what is the greatest internal danger facing the U.S. right now?

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Eight months ago, Senator Chuck Schumer proudly proclaimed, “Now we take Georgia, then we change America!” The greatest internal threat we face today is the lack of understanding about what the Left is trying to do to our nation. There exists among Americans an ignorance of who we are as a nation. Society has forgotten the sacrifices made to secure the freedoms it so richly enjoys here. In March of this year Allen Sutton published The Threat of Socialism Inside the American Wire. In the article he states how the Left, with their Socialist agenda, are unraveling the fabric of America and replacing Freedom and Liberty with a false idea of security through Government control. The left is trying to “fundamentally transform America, meaning to abrogate the U.S. Constitution, its embedded Bill of Rights, and by virtue thereof, to end liberty, the American way of life, and ultimately Western civilization…To impose their socialist vision on the American people, they must take control of the major institutions and systems in society, including the education system at every level, and the mass media system, in order to undermine the veracity of the Constitution and its underlying tenets, of individual rights, and citizen control of the government.” Mr. Allen then goes on to explain by replacing our Christian faith, “the one true God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Bible, must be removed as they are a bulwark against socialism, communism, fascism, or any kind of totalitarian governmental system….Totalitarian governmental systems, whether socialism, communism, or fascism, all substitute the government for God and Christ.”

In short, if we allow the Left to continue, we turn our backs on God and this nation, and as a result our freedoms will no longer exist.

12. Do you think the country is better off today than it was four years ago? Please explain your answers.

Absolutely not. “President” Biden is destroying our country and canceling all the great progress made by President Trump who was the best President we ever had. Under Trump’s leadership, our economy was booming, other countries respected us, our border was secure, African-American and Hispanic unemployment was at record lows, and there was a deep sense of patriotism that resonated across our great nation. Biden is lost. He doesn’t know where he is, and is more interested in kowtowing to Communist China and appeasing the radical woke wing of his party than representing the interests of the average American. It is truly a sad sight to see.

13. What are your thoughts about the nation’s growing crime statistics and what should be done about it?

What is happening in our cities is a travesty yet not surprising. We are witnessing Marxism at work. By defunding the police, it allows for chaos, crime and destruction. Yet when we look at the cities that have adopted this new paradigm i.e., Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Portland, San Francisco, Oakland, etc., we see these cities have gone morally bankrupt and have increasing crime rates, homeless populations, and drug-addicted citizens. Just look at Atlanta. What’s happening in Atlanta is a DISGRACE. People are getting shot and killed in broad daylight in Buckhead, and folks are afraid to leave their houses.

We are a nation of laws and without someone to enforce our laws, we are not a nation. We must DEFEND, not Defund our police. Invest in our communities, support our police, and give them the resources they need to safely do their job.

14. What do you think about efforts in some places to defund law enforcement agencies?

It’s asinine. True leadership doesn’t cave to the mob. True leadership encourages and finds a solution that works. Simply put, there is no future for a nation, civilization, or people without law and order.

15. Certain governments are now offering a no-cash bail system. What are your thoughts about that?

I am not supportive of a no-cash bail. If someone commits a crime, they need to be held accountable for their actions and should be forced to post bond or spend their time in jail. The only reason cities are looking into the new no-cash option is because jails are overcrowded and our judicial system is backlogged. Fixing the problem on the back end is not a solution. When society measures the reading level of third-graders to estimate the need for jail size in the future, something is incredibly wrong. We should be providing better educational opportunities on the front end and the need for jail space would be less on the backend.

16. Do you support Georgia’s new Election Integrity Act? Please offer specifics on why or why not. Along that same line, regarding the last presidential election cycle, do you have any comments on the information brought out at the hearings or in the State Farm Arena videos? Do you 100 percent trust the upcoming election process in Georgia?

A lot of Georgians have concerns about the integrity of our elections process after 2020. SB 202 is definitely a step in the right direction. It makes it easier to vote and harder to cheat. We have a handful of counties that have issues every election and we need to hold them accountable. This bill addresses some of those concerns.

Do I trust the upcoming election? Yes. However, we must always look for opportunities to improve the integrity of our election process and do whatever is needed to promote confidence in the process.

17. Do you support increasing the number of justices on the U.S. Supreme Court? Why or why not?

Absolutely not. If we allow Democrats to politicize and pack the Supreme Court we lose the purpose of the court. If we expand the court, at what end does it stop? The Supreme Court ensures that the American people have equal justice under law and is charged with being the official interpreter of the Constitution. There is no need to expand the court.

18. Do you think Americans should pay more in taxes? If so, how much more and why?

Absolutely not. Take it from me, the former State Revenue Commissioner, former Henry County Tax Collector, and a small business owner, raising taxes is NEVER the answer. Washington has a spending problem – not a revenue problem. We desperately need to stop raising the debt ceiling and work to get a balanced budget by cutting spending and running government like a business. If the federal government were a business, it would fail miserably. No business could realistically sustain itself if it operated like the federal government. We cannot spend our way out of debt. Elected officials have a Fiduciary responsibility to their office. We don’t see that today in Washington. If elected to Congress, I will run GA-10 like a business and not waste a single dollar of taxpayer money.

19. Do you think U.S. businesses should pay more in taxes? If so, how much more and why?

Absolutely not! We should be encouraging businesses – not driving them away. My wife and I own several businesses and can tell you, as a small business owner, higher taxes will stifle our ability to grow as a company and create more jobs. We don’t need the federal government getting in our way with burdensome regulations. The more companies that locate here equates to more opportunities for our citizens.

20. Do you support the current open border immigration system? What do you think about a border wall? Please explain your answers.

No nation with an open border is a secure nation. We MUST finish the wall and return to President Trump’s strong America First immigration policy. Immigration is a key component of our history, but people need to come here LEGALLY. Joe Biden has created a crisis at our southern border. He’s rolled out the red carpet for illegal immigrants and we are seeing record levels of illegal border crossings like we have never seen before. I find it absolutely ridiculous that Biden is mandating Americans wear masks, yet doesn’t bat an eye when we have over 200k illegal crossings a month on our southern border with no screening process to determine if they have COVID.

21. Regarding Critical Race Theory, do you think promoting it will help or hurt efforts to improve race relations in the U.S? Please explain your answer. Also, should it be taught in America’s public schools? Why or why not?

Critical Race Theory indoctrinates our children with Marxist rhetoric by teaching them that America is inherently racist. CRT is wrong and should never be allowed to be taught in our schools- it is not the answer and will do nothing to improve racism. Does racism exist? Sure. Racism is wrong and I will always stand against it but Is it systematic? No. America is the greatest country in the history of the world. I believe race profiteers exist and have always existed. If we can move towards finding the humanity in one another, focusing on how much we have in common rather than our differences, and start communicating and listening to one another, then, and only then, can we unite as a nation.

22. What is your opinion on the Second Amendment and should part of it ever be changed?

The Second Amendment to the Constitution is pretty clear: the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

The government needs to keep their hands off our Second Amendment. Any limitation to bear arms placed on our citizens is an infringement of our Constitutional rights.

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