Below is the full Q&A transcript for ANDREW ALVEY, a Republican candidate running for the U.S. Congressional District 10 seat:

1. What are the top two reasons a voter should vote you to represent the 10th Congressional District?

I am young enough not to be tainted by professional politicians or special interests. I don’t run to have a career in politics. I just run to serve the 10th ward people. This can be seen in the service commitment of my campaign, in which we donate 10% of all donations to combat homelessness and we are involved in many voluntary activities. Politicians should serve, not be served.

2. Why are you a Republican?

The party of Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Reagan has always believed in individual power. I am a Republican because I believe in the worth and ability that God has given us for each and every person in this country. For too long politicians on both sides have been telling us that they will save us from the chaos and unrest. The truth is that most politicians make promises that they cannot or will not keep just to get a vote. The Republican Party is better than that. America is better than that pathetic showing off by professional politicians. Where has our party’s fiscal conservatism gone? Where is the commitment to the individual? The party has been mutated by politicians who seek re-election and only stand up for republican values ​​when it benefits them.

3. Do you agree with your party’s national platform? If not, what specifically do you not support?

I support the Republican Party’s national platform. I do not support the party’s politicians who do not adhere to the platform. Where are term limits? Where is the health reform? Where is protection for the unborn child? Where is fiscal conservatism? We had a majority during the Trump administration and nothing was done. This hypocrisy must end.

4. Again, on your party’s national platform, what is the most frequently mentioned topic that makes you proud to be a member of that party?

I am proud of the Republican Party’s stance against widespread abortion. There have been 62 million abortions since Roe V. Wade. Of those 62 million, approximately 1% (620,000) were due to rape, 0.5% (310,000) to incest, and 12% (7,440,000) to maternal health concerns. This leaves 53.6 million cases with no medical or legal justification. In addition, prior to Roe V. Wade, 9% of the infants were put up for adoption. This percentage decreased to 1% between 1996 and 2002. America must see adoption as an alternative.

4. What do you think is the main problem Americans face today?

The main problem we face is professional politicians and the mainstream media that are driving the division. This is the biggest problem because it makes all other problems worse. Simple problems with simple solutions are often politicized by both parties in order to win votes. This has to stop. We need a change not only in leadership, but also in the culture of the DC

5. If you are elected, what specific steps will you be doing to address this number one problem?

I will press for unity and courtesy. I’m going to show that Americans need servants, not professional politicians, by promising to only serve three consecutive terms as Congressman, as I believe the term must be limited. The time to talk is over. The time to act is here.

6. Who has influenced your life the most? Please provide details.

Jesus Christ. Without my faith in Christ, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wouldn’t have the courage to stand up for individuals and advocate Christian principles. Galatians 5:13 says, “For you are called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but serve one another through love. “

7. Who is the person you consider your mentor in politics and why?

A combination of Theodore Roosevelt and George Washington. Roosevelt embodied the American spirit and was constantly looking for new ways to create equal opportunities for all. He instilled a spirit of determination and strength in his compatriots. He was looking for equal opportunities, not results. Washington has put the country above itself. When he was offered absolute power, he refused. When there was no term limit on the presidency, he resigned after two terms.

8. What do you think of the other party?

The Democratic Party has been pushed to extremes by hard left within its party. This is a mistake of their leadership, which votes on principles and guidelines. The modern Democratic Party is no longer JFK’s or even FDR’s party. Because both individuals believed in America’s inherent good, and the current Democratic Party believes in not only the evils of America, but the systems on which it is built.

9. What made you decide to become politically active?

I’m running for Congress to make a difference. For too long individuals have sought political office for their own benefit. I want to serve my community, and the best way to do that is to serve in Congress. Like our founding fathers, I would like to make a statement that neither birth nor wealth entitle a person to important positions. Instead, a person’s reputation is and should be based on merit and effort. In the words of Tim Tebow: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

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10. In your opinion, what is the greatest external threat to which this country is exposed today?

China. The Chinese state has continued to grow in strength and audacity as a result of the appeasement from many previous governments. We need to reduce our dependence on them by investing resources in South American countries that could compete for manufacturing jobs. By breaking away from current industrial dependency and shifting to sources within our own hemisphere, we accomplish two things. 1) less dependence on China allows us to deal with them more firmly. 2) American investments in South American countries would lead to greater stability and thus strengthen the national security of the region and bring production closer to home.

13. What do you think of the country’s growing crime statistics and what should be done about it?

A twofold approach is required to reduce crime. More money is needed for the police and a return to our cultural foundation. Broken households are a major contributor to crime. According to the Census Bureau, every fourth child grows up without a father in the household. The lack of a father figure in the household leads many people to seek reassurance in other areas of their lives, such as gangs.

In short, two things need to be achieved:

1) Increase funding for police departments so they can hire more competent officers

2) Consolidating American culture in terms of the appreciation of marriage and entire families.

14. What do you think of the efforts in some places to take the pressure off law enforcement agencies?

Illogical and stupid. If bad cops are the problem, defusing a police station would cause them to scrape the bottom of the barrel so individuals can be hired. Instead, we should increase their resources so that officer candidates can be properly screened.

17. Do you support increasing the number of judges in the US Supreme Court? Why or why not?

No. Charging the court will only hurt America.

18. Do you think Americans should pay more taxes? If so, how much more and why?

No, the more money the average American has in their pockets, the better. In most cases, the government is inefficient with taxpayers’ dollars. Do you want change in your community? Donate to your local church or nonprofit. They are much better administrators of your money than the federal government.

19. Do you think US companies should pay more taxes? If so, how much more and why?

No. Less taxes mean more money that the company can reinvest in itself and its employees. More money invested means better services, higher salaries and more products and thus strengthens the economy.

20. Do you support the current open border immigration system? What do you think of a border wall? Please give reasons for your answers.

No. The immigration system needs major reform. We have 10.5 million illegal immigrants living in America. Comprehensive deportation is not possible, but we cannot offer a route to citizenship until the border is secured. Therefore, a secure border is the first step in resolving our chaotic immigration policy.

21. As for Critical Racial Theory, do you think promoting it will help or harm efforts to improve racial relations in the United States? Please justify your answer. Should it be taught in America’s public schools too? Why or why not?

Teaching that America is built on white privilege and minority dominance is harmful. Was America perfect in the past? No, but we strived for perfection. Can you name someone other than Jesus Christ who was perfect and made no mistake? If we can forgive others, we should also forgive our nation. America is the greatest country that has ever existed.

22. What is your opinion on the Second Amendment, and should any part of it ever be changed?

The second amendment ensures the existence of all other amendments. It was introduced to keep the government in check, so it should stay as it is.

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