Puppy falls 15ft into drain while walking with owner, Georgia rescuers say

A puppy had to be rescued after falling 15 feet into a spillway in the Atlanta area, Georgia firefighters said.

According to Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services, firefighters were called Thursday, May 18, after dog Michie fell down the drain and became trapped while walking with his owner in Vinings.

Several squads responded to help retrieve the pup. Photos posted online showed firefighters huddled near the drain opening.

After checking the air below, emergency crews lifted Michie to safety and reunited him with his owner, a press release said. Authorities didn’t say how long the dog was captive, but said he wasn’t injured.

The rescue was cheered by local residents, who praised the firefighters online.

“Great work guys keep up the good work,” one person wrote in a department Facebook post.

“Fantastic!!! I can’t praise you enough,” said another.

Crews assisted in a similar rescue in April after a group of trainers alerted them to another dog stuck in a stormwater drain, McClatchy News reported. Firefighters worked to extricate the “terrified little fella” from the confined space and he was put up for adoption.

Vinings is approximately 10 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta.

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