Proud, freedom-loving Georgia shares the same values ​​of liberty and democracy as the US

As a “proud and freedom-loving nation,” Georgia and its people share the same values ​​and principles of freedom and democracy that form “the foundation of enduring friendship” with the United States, Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili of Georgia said Thursday at the official reception in the US Embassy in Tbilisi on the occasion of the US Declaration of Independence.

Photo via Government Administration

In his address, Garibashvili offered “sincere congratulations” to the American people, noting that throughout history the US “has proudly carried the torch of freedom and democracy and has served as a shining example to the world,” adding that it “persistently would have defended. universal human rights and fundamental freedoms, supported development and progress, and promoted the rule of law, which “marked the course of history forever”.

“In these challenging times, our close partnership and unity are of great importance in maintaining peace and stability not only in our region but also on a global scale,” the prime minister said, stressing that Georgia is “firmly” on the side of the US stand with “distinguished international partners” to defend “together” the fundamental norms and values ​​of the international community.

The leader thanked the US administration for its “firm support” of Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as its “invaluable contribution” to strengthening the country’s defense capabilities and improving its institutional capacity, stressing the “great importance” of this support from international partners expanded in order to achieve a peaceful solution to Georgia’s territorial conflicts in view of the existing security challenges.

I believe that with the unwavering support of our esteemed partners, we can make our hopes for a peacefully united Georgia and our integration into the Euro-Atlantic community more tangible,” he noted.

Garibashvili also stressed that since regaining independence, Georgia has been “a determined and committed partner” of the US in the region, noting that “Georgian troops have stood shoulder to shoulder with US soldiers, together safeguarding global security and maintaining the international order in different areas. “Parts of the world”.

Photo via Government Administration

On behalf of the Georgian people and government, the prime minister also thanked the US government for its “robust support” in building democratic institutions and strengthening the Georgian economy.

I believe that the US and Georgia have untapped potential in trade and commerce. We look forward to opening up new opportunities for our companies. […] I am confident that the direct flight between our countries will undoubtedly play an important role in achieving the above goals and will bring our nations even closer to each other,” he stressed.

The Georgian official also noted the important US contribution to improving various sectors in Georgia, including “but not limited to” healthcare and education, and stressed the importance of “fostering strong and enduring partnerships” between Georgia and the US the support of interpersonal cooperation.

Photo via Government Administration

Garibashvili also thanked US Ambassador Kelly Degnan, whose tenure in Georgia is almost over, for her “zealous and tireless efforts to promote and enhance the bilateral partnership between the two countries” and wished her “all the best and success” in her future one Work. She added that she is always welcome in Georgia.

The guests at the official reception, including representatives of the executive and legislative branches of Georgia, the diplomatic corps accredited in the country, representatives of the private sector, political parties, the media and civil society, were also addressed by Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili and the US Ambassador to Georgia.