Prime Minister highlights ‘failure of warring party’ in ‘opening second front’ in Georgia amid Ukraine war

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili said on Friday that the “party-destructive war” – a nod to part of the domestic political opposition and their alleged partners abroad – with its plans to “open a second front” in Georgia has been a “complete fiasco”. experienced the war in Ukraine, which in his opinion was “one of the main goals” of the armed forces.

Speaking to the Georgian Parliament at the presentation of the annual report on the government’s work, Garibashvili pointed out that the government must pursue “reasonable and result-oriented” policies.

You remember how you behaved last year when the war in Ukraine started [and] Then the war was about to spread in the region, including in our country. One of the main goals of this destructive war party was to open a second front in Georgia. What other purpose did the provocations they planned and failed to serve serve? “Everything failed, all plans failed, they experienced a complete fiasco,” Garibashvili told MPs.

The head of government stressed that his cabinet had “openly declared” that in the face of the war in Ukraine it would not take any steps that would harm the country’s “national interests”.

The activity [of Georgian territories] remains one of the greatest challenges for us. The Russian occupying forces continue to be stationed on the territory of our country. As you know, the occupation is a challenge that our government inherited in 2012. For comparison, I would like to remind the public that after the [2008] During the August war, no country – including us – took concrete action to stop or condemn the occupation [by implementation of] Sanctions,” noted Garibashvili.

“These people [the domestic opposition] asked us to impose sanctions [against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine]including economic sanctions. […] They wanted to start a war, open a second front and destroy the country. This irresponsible warring party wanted to destroy the country a second time, just as they had destroyed it before [in the 2008 war]. “We have publicly and frankly said from the outset that we will not take any step that harms our country’s national interests and the interests of its citizens,” he continued.

Garibashvili stressed that his government will follow the mentioned policy, adding: “No one will be able to make us change it”, adding that “we will only implement the policies that our country needs”. .

The imposition of so-called sanctions, the introduction of some restrictions, the blocking of trade and the economy [and so on] would be totally irresponsible. Moreover, one can call this a betrayal of one’s country and one’s own people,” he said in his comments, adding that the moves would harm domestic interests.

The PM noted that imposing sanctions would mean:[w]”We could no longer be so bold in saying that we have economic growth and jobs,” contrasting the “250,000 new jobs created in the last two years” scenario under his administration.