Police: Texas rapper useless in interstate taking pictures in Georgia

A shoot on Interstate 85 in suburban Atlanta has claimed the life of an aspiring rap artist from Texas, one of two interstate shoots in the subway within an hour, authorities said on Saturday.

Rapper Corey Detiege, who went by the stage name Chucky Trill, died in a nearby hospital after the shooting before dawn on Friday, police said in the suburb of Gwinnett County. Police Cpl Collin Flynn, a department spokesman, said someone stopped next to Detiege’s car and opened fire around 3 a.m. on Friday, WSB TV reported. Ditiege, 33, was from Sugar Land, Texas.

Flynn said the suspect had escaped and a motive for the killing was unknown. The police did not provide an immediate description of the suspect’s vehicle and did not make an arrest.

The shoot was one of two that took place on the interstates in the greater Atlanta area on Friday. An hour before Detiege was killed, someone on Interstate 75 shot a driver in the head, authorities said. This man is staying in the hospital.

A witness told police that the shot was fired after two cars tried to occupy the same lane. The shooter fled. “It was a crazy night,” said Flynn of the shootings that have taken place earlier this year after four similar incidents on the interstates in the area.

Rapper Bun B was among several artists who expressed condolences on social media after Detiege’s death. “Damn. That was a good man. Humble. Working hard. Faithful. Determined. Focused. And he had the talent. Queen saw him and said to @boneafied,” This kid is good. If he doesn’t have a manager, you should do. “And he did and put everything he had in there. We’re heartbroken this morning to offer our deepest condolences to D, Bone and all of his family, friends and supporters. Buy or stream his music and leave.” keep his memory alive. #RIPChuckyTrill, “said his post.

Chucky Trill was led by Bone from Boneafied Entertainment, who also manages Bun B.

The shoot took place before Sunday’s NBA All-Star game in Atlanta. But Flynn couldn’t confirm if Detiege was in Atlanta for the game.

Chucky Trill released his album “Music for the Soul” in 2018 and had more music in the works, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Police said the recent trend of interstate shootings in Atlanta was very worrying.

“Not only can the person lose control of their car after being shot dead or injured, but if you shoot from a moving vehicle and there are other moving vehicles nearby, you could be shot,” said Flynn.

He said police are urging anyone with information about one of the shootings on Friday to contact the authorities.

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