A Georgia woman and her 6 year old daughter were found in Mexico and brought back to the United States. The woman’s ex-husband was arrested in connection with her abduction, Georgia police said.

Wednesday’s announcement came a day after California Highway Patrol said the couple was spotted in Chula Vista on Tuesday afternoon. An amber alarm was given.

The Cumming Police Department announced on the department’s Facebook page that 55-year-old Alexis Zecena-Lopez has been arrested and is awaiting extradition. The department said Esperanza Parada-Olivas and Rachel Zecena showed up safely in Mexico and were back in the US with law enforcement officers.

“The investigation is still ongoing and we will only release limited details, but I am very grateful to the (US) Marshals and the FBI for all the hard work they put into tracking down Esperanza and Rachel and getting them home safely “Said the department said on Facebook.

Police had warned that Zecena-Lopez could be “armed and dangerous” and issued a warning that included a description of the missing mother and daughter and the car the trio was believed to be driving in.

A family member informed the police on December 26 that Parada-Olivas and her daughter were missing. Investigators found that Zecena-Lopez was bailed after she was arrested that summer for allegedly raping and kidnapping his ex-wife.

“We received information on Monday that he actually removed the ankle monitor he was required to wear as part of his bail,” Cumming Police Chief David Marsh told reporters.

Marsh noted that the girl’s father had a violent history of “cause for concern,” so the Amber Alert was activated to warn of the child’s disappearance.

EFE contributed to this report.