New bill would ban car booting in Georgia

A bipartisan group of state lawmakers has introduced legislation banning vehicle booting in Georgia entirely.

Democratic Senator Josh McLaurin of Sandy Springs, lead sponsor of Senate Bill 247, believes the practice is overused and abused.

“The cost to property owners is so low that trunk companies often attach cars they are not sure are unauthorized,” McLaurin said. “So there are loads of people who actually pay the fee or their invitees or guests of the property and they still get robbed because it’s a lot easier for the property owner to just leave that to the driver and the clearing company than it is to find out.” “Take care of the inconveniences.”

Senate Bill 247 specifically prohibits towing and storage companies from using immobilizers on cars that are improperly parked.

“When it comes to towing, you have to be on the safe side because it’s expensive for everyone. To the right? You have to recognize that cars are in the wrong place and make that decision.”

If booting is banned, McLaurin says there are also solutions beyond towing.

With his legislation, McLaurin intends to ban everyone from booting, including governments.

Senate Bill 247 has a strong group of supporters, including Republican state senators Bill Cowsert, Frank Ginn, Chuck Payne and Shawn Still, and Democratic Senate Chair Gloria Butler.

The bill was tabled Thursday and will be presented to a Senate committee on Monday.