New agreement allowing detainees to be extradited from the US to Georgia

Georgian Justice Minister Rati Bregadze told parliament on Friday that a new agreement with the United States would allow inmates and convicts from the country to be extradited to Georgia.

Bregadze revealed the plans while briefing lawmakers on his office’s activities, saying the agreement would be signed “in the near future.”

He also explained other projects of the ministry, telling MPs that the body had launched bilateral legal forums to provide lawyers with a “unique opportunity” to share knowledge and exchange information with colleagues from abroad.

The official also mentioned the international conference on innovations in the rehabilitation and resocialization process of prisoners and parolees, which was held for the first time in Tbilisi this month and led to the adoption of a 12-point declaration used for the rehabilitation of prisoners and parolees.

It was the first time that Tbilisi hosted such a high-level event with the participation of [representatives from] up to 20 states,” he said.

Commenting on the ministry’s work to align national legislation with the European Union legal framework, the official said his panel had proposed changes to parliament that would allow the ministry to coordinate the process.

He also noted that an electronic program has been developed to manage the alignment process through the collection and analysis of related data, and noted that by the end of this year, a “practical guide” on legal alignment for employees of “relevant state authorities “ will be published. .

In his remarks, the official also thanked the US authorities for ensuring the professional training of 160 employees of the department’s corrections and probation system this year.