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Atlanta will no longer host this year’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game or the MLB Draft in 2021 due to the league’s opposition to Georgia’s newly enacted electoral law, Commissioner Robert Manfred announced on Friday, stating that MLB “basically has the right to vote for everyone Americans supported “and opposed ballot box restrictions.”

A banner announces the announcement of the All Star Game, which will take place in Atlanta in 2021 during a … [+] The Atlanta Braves MLB game against the Washington Nationals at SunTrust Park on May 29, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Todd Kirkland / Getty Images)

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Important facts

In a statement released by the league, Manfred said he made that decision after seeking feedback from teams and the Players Association.

Manfred claimed that “the best way to demonstrate our values ​​as a sport is to move the all-star game and design”.

The MLB has not yet agreed on a new host city, but has confirmed that it would reveal details in the near future.

The Atlanta Braves released a statement Friday afternoon clarifying that they did not recommend the postponement of the game and were “deeply disappointed” with the MLB’s decision, stating that “companies, employees and fans” are in the state of Georgia “Victims of this decision” are. “

Key background:

Last Thursday, the Republican-controlled Georgia Legislature passed a sweeping 98-page law (SB 202) that critics say will restrict access to voting across the state, amid nationwide pressure from Republicans to ban access to ballot papers . Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) quickly signed it Thursday night. Although the bill extends early polling times in some counties, the law imposes new, stringent requirements on voter ID cards, limits the time available to apply for postal ballot papers, dramatically reduces the number of mailboxes in metropolitan Atlanta, and makes it one Crime of providing food or water to anyone standing in line to vote. The law was immediately and violently pushed back by the Democrats. On Wednesday, President Joe Biden said he would “strongly support” the MLB in moving the 2021 All-Star Game out of Atlanta.

Crucial quote:

“We are proud to use our platform to encourage baseball fans and communities across our country to fulfill their civic duty and actively participate in the voting process,” said Manfred, taking note of the decision of the MLB, the non-partisan Civic Alliance to join in 2020 Voting continues to enjoy the unwavering support of our game.


Several well-known US companies, including Delta, Twitter and Microsoft, have announced that they have proposed and implemented toughened voting restrictions across the country. “It should be easier than ever for every citizen entitled to vote to exercise his right to vote,” Apple CEO Tim Cook told Axios on Thursday.

Big number:

23. During the 2020 general election, there were 94 mailboxes in the four counties (Fulton, Cobb, DeKalb and Gwinnett) that spanned Metro Atlanta; According to an analysis of voter registration data from the New York Times, that number will drop to 23 under Georgia’s new electoral law.

Main Critic:

Rep. Jeff Duncan, who has represented South Carolina 3rd Congressional District since 2011, tweeted Friday afternoon that he had instructed employees “to begin drafting laws to lift the state antitrust exemption for Major League Baseball,” and stated that ” any organization that abuses its powers to “reject safe elections, deserves increased legal scrutiny.”

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