Two were selected for Class 1 production licenses while another four were selected for Class 2 licenses.

ATLANTA – Georgia’s Access to Medical Cannabis Commission announced on Saturday the six companies that have been selected to obtain licenses to produce medical marijuana.

According to the Notice of Intent to Award posted on the Commission’s website, Botanical Sciences LLC and Trulieve GA Inc. were selected for the Class 1 production licenses, while FFD GA Holdings LLC, Theratrue Georgia LLC, Natures GA LLC and Treevana Remedy Inc for Class 2 production licenses selected.

Contracts for producers with the state state that a Class 1 license is $ 200,000 and must be renewed annually at a cost of $ 100,000, while a Class 2 production license is $ 100,000 with an annual renewal fee of $ 50,000 -Dollars costs.

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Class 1 licensees are “authorized to grow cannabis only indoors for use in the production of low-THC oil limited to 100,000 square feet of growing space and for the manufacture of low-THC oil.” The language is the same in the Class 2 contract, except that they are only allowed to grow in an area of ​​50,000 square feet.

11Alive’s Kaitlyn Ross reported Friday on families who have been pushing for legalized medical marijuana in Georgia for years.

A mother whose four-year-old son suffers from a rare and debilitating form of epilepsy told Kaitlyn that her son was almost taken away from the Family and Children’s Services Department (DFCS) once because while it is legal to own medical marijuana in Georgia it’s not legal to buy.

She said she “gave an illegal substance to a minor”.

Governor Brian Kemp formed the Access to Medical Cannabis Commission two years ago to investigate the introduction of legalized medical marijuana in Georgia, and that year he signed a bill to regulate the production, distribution and sale of medical marijuana.

So far, however, the Access to Medical Cannabis Commission has not yet started accepting applications or issuing licenses to dispense (sell) medical marijuana.

According to its website, Trulieve, one of two companies selected to receive a Class 1 manufacturing license, is based in Florida and operates pharmacies in that state, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

The website of Georgia Grown, the state’s marketing and economic development division for the Georgia Department of Agriculture, indicates that Botanical Sciences LLC – the other Class 1 license holder – is based in Tattnall County, South Georgia.

From the class 2 license recipients: