Published on September 22, 2023

Kenneth S. Nugent, PC, a reputable personal injury law firm headquartered in Atlanta, GA, is pleased to announce its expanded legal services for the residents of Loganville, GA. The company has a strong reputation for advocating for the rights of those affected by traffic accidents, workplace negligence, medical malpractice, etc. and is committed to providing the same level of support to the Loganville community.

Injuries can occur unpredictably and under a variety of circumstances. While road accidents involving vehicles are familiar to many, the scope of personal injury law extends to a variety of situations. Essentially, the law aims to protect and compensate victims who suffer due to the negligence or malicious actions of others. However, it is not uncommon for victims to face challenges in enforcing their rights.

For example, while purchasing insurance against potential risks such as driving is highly recommended, insurers often put their profits before their customers. This shift in priorities can result in insurers denying or limiting compensation, even if a policy purports to cover the accident. This is where the expertise of Kenneth S. Nugent, PC, is critical as he helps victims obtain their rightful compensation.

It is critical to select an experienced Loganville personal injury attorney who is familiar with the nuances of each case. When considering a lawyer, it is important to consider their success rate, availability, and manner of communication. Kenneth S. Nugent, PC emphasizes the importance of regular client updates and working closely with them to achieve the best outcome.

Beyond the established qualifications, it is important to consider other aspects when selecting a personal injury lawyer. This could include assessing the affordability of legal fees, balancing the attorney’s work hours with their own schedule, and receiving feedback from previous clients. Such testimonials can provide a clearer picture of the lawyer’s efficiency and approach to case management.

Car accidents are one of the most common personal injury incidents in Loganville. These accidents are often the result of another driver’s inattention or distraction and have lasting physical, financial and emotional consequences. A skilled personal injury attorney can be instrumental in obtaining compensation for medical expenses, emotional trauma, lost wages, and other damages related to the incident.

The company emphasizes the importance of seeking medical attention immediately after an injury, as this not only ensures well-being but also provides documented evidence for claims. Once the situation is stable, victims are advised to consult a reliable personal injury lawyer. Firms like Kenneth S. Nugent, PC often offer free initial consultations to help clients make informed decisions.

The firm advises victims not to communicate with insurance companies or adjusters without legal representation. Providing too much information can inadvertently harm the victim’s case. It is therefore an advantage to consult a lawyer before such discussions.

Kenneth S. Nugent, PC recognizes that many clients may not be familiar with the legal terrain. That’s why he makes it a point to educate them about the legal process and ensure they are aware of their decisions and possible outcomes.

Customer references are further evidence of the company’s excellence. Philip M. praises the firm and says: “By far the best law firm.” They really took care of me, beyond the purely financial aspect. My clerk, Tawanda Sheffield, was first class and always made sure I was well informed. I fully support her because of her professionalism and personal touch.”

Leon G. also says: “In my experience, Mr. Hammill and his team were excellent. They communicated promptly and ensured that I was well versed in the process of my case. Your professionalism is second to none. I can recommend her wholeheartedly.”

Anyone seeking legal advice or legal representation can schedule a free consultation with Kenneth S. Nugent, PC. It is worth noting that the firm does not charge fees unless it wins the case, making its services essential for those seeking compensation.


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