LG Chem could also be sued by vaper for battery hearth harm in Georgia

Product liability & toxicity law

09/17/2021, 3:31 pm

  • In the US, suits blame LG Chem batteries for injuries
  • Facts enable jurisdiction after the SCOTUS judgment, says the court

The marketing of lithium-ion batteries from the South Korean battery manufacturer LG Chem Ltd. and other contacts with Georgia are subject to lawsuit there, a Georgia appeals court said allowing a resident e-cigarette user to continue its burn injury trial.

And Cameron Lemmerman’s claims are closely related to LG Chem’s activities in the state to seek specific personal jurisdiction under the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling at Ford Motor Co. v. Supporting Montana Eighth District Court, Judge Anne Elizabeth Barnes said Thursday for the Georgia Court Appeals, First Chamber.

LG Chem has fought numerous lawsuits against US jurisdiction because …

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