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Lance Patrick is a Georgia native who began working in the legal field after graduating from college as a probation officer with the Cobb County Sentence Enforcement Unit in Marietta, Georgia. During his first career move, he dealt with the vagaries of probation and accountability to the criminal or magistrate court system, and learned a great deal about judges and their different court styles.

After six years of serving in the Cobb County criminal courts, Lance applied and was accepted into Emory University School of Law. This was the second step in his legal career.

Since passing the Georgia bar exam, Mr. Patrick’s practice has focused largely on criminal law. He worked for a time as a staff attorney for the Supreme Court Justices in the Appalachian Circuit in north Georgia. He later became an assistant district attorney in the Appalachian Judicial Circuit, handling criminal cases for most of his tenure.

From there, Lance worked for the Attorney General of the Fulton County State Court in downtown Atlanta. This exposure to traffic crimes made him an ideal candidate for our law firm since approximately 50% of our Atlanta law firm’s felony or felony cases involve traffic crimes in Georgia.

That assignment included prosecuting drunk driving, leaving the scene (hijacking), simple possession of marijuana, reckless driving, domestic violence, shoplifting, racing and dozens of other crimes committed in Fulton County, Georgia. Additionally, Lance was now the prosecutor overseeing probation violation requests in his assigned courtrooms.

Having prosecuted both felony and misdemeanor cases at Step 3 of his legal career and serving as a probation officer (which is consistent with prosecution), this exposure to the criminal justice system was instrumental in preparing him to see the “ins and outs” to know “the defense of those charged with crimes in the Peach State.

Now, step 4 of Mr. Patrick’s legal career is to use his accumulated knowledge of Georgia criminal law to assist accused citizens who, as employees of Kohn & Yager LLC, seek an aggressive and thorough defense of the allegations against them. His extensive knowledge of Georgia probation violations makes him our firm’s go-to resource for these important cases.


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